Day 315 (April 11, 2016)

315 Cat

I was up early.  There was much to be done.  And, much got done.

Jessie was up at 7:00ish am.  Breakfast was an easy over egg and half an orange and milk and children’s multivitamin (Angry Birds, although Jessie doesn’t know what that is).  She also started the morn with spiritual nutrition:  Proverbs 11.

In school, Jessie is getting her FlashMaster subtraction in 7 seconds instead of 9.  Jessie had thought it impossible.  Jessie finished her Phonics curriculum (128 lessons). Tomorrow, she starts back at lesson 1.  The latter lessons are really too hard for her, but the early lessons are easy.  I’m hoping by the time she finishes it twice, she has it mastered.  We’re out of library books, so I need to order more.

After school, Jessie, Mama, and I went to see a theater production of Shrek.  It was very well done.  Two boxes of birthday presents were on the stoop when we got back.

After that, Jessie and I went birthday dress shopping.  We got some groceries.

We ate supper.  I grilled some chicken breasts.  Jessie rode her bicycle outside while I grilled.  We talked to some old friends on the phone.  We sent out an e-mail asking people to vote on Jessie’s birthday dress.  The votes were lop-sided in favor of one dress.  Jessie got her hair washed and we put her hair up in curlers.

We read Bible.  We prayed.  We said goodbye to day 315.  We skipped the good-night song.

Blessings:  Life’s little accomplishments, like finishing the first go-round of phonics.  A fun theater production.  Getting a lot done, although it’s seems never to be enough. Physical and spiritual food.  A note from a sister-in-law that Jessie looks cute in every dress she wears.


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