Day 314 (April 10, 2016)

314 Raggedy Ann

A new work week!  I got up and did all the early morning disciplines.  Then, I cut up six packs of chicken breasts.  Eight breasts are marinating and are headed for the grill.  The rest are cut into strips and are in the freezer, nicely packaged and labeled.  How long does it take to cut up six packs of chicken?  It takes me one listening of Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto #2 in C minor. How long does it take you in classical music time?

I’m convinced Jessie is having an allergic reaction to the scented laundry detergent liquid.  It’s a pain right now because of this unseasonably cold weather.  I’ve been putting her in layers so she’s toasty, but it seems like the turtle neck sweaters were the culprit.  She has a closet and drawers full of cute spring clothes, but this wretched chilliness has just lingered.  I got the space heater out of the closet and put in the temporary schoolroom.  Jessie sighed contentedly after breakfast when she walked into the pre-warmed room.  But, warmer weather is on its way.

School went really well.  Since we have no Anne of Green Gables, we read the last four library history books in the house.  Note to self:  Get more library books.  Come Thursday, Jessie’s birthday, we start a new book series for girls.  Anne goes away and Elsie Dinsmore comes to visit.

Jessie’s cake pan, in the shape of the number six came in the mail.  It’s tiny, so I’ll need to make two of the infamous blueberry cakes with it.  But, good has come of it.  I told someone of Jessie and her blueberry cake and they said they had bushes and offered to let Jessie come pick.

Jessie and I finished sewing her cat.

Lunch was protein for Jessie.

After school, Jessie joined me in the basement for wiring.  I put two more holes in the ceiling, but finally succeeded in pulling wire to the last outlet.  It’s connected and the basement is officially wired.  There are a few j-boxes to clean up, and there is one box which needs installed under the steps, but the wires are all there and connected.  All that remains is the kitchen, basement stairway, and the re-installation of the attic fan.

Jessie and Mama practiced violin.  Jessie gave Mama the cat she had sewn.  At 4:00pm, the violin teacher came to the house.  The four of us ate supper.  Jessie had her lesson. Jessie invited her violin teacher to her birthday party.

Jessie and I read and played and danced.  I did some more wiring.  Jessie and I talked to sister on the phone.

We skipped reading before bed.  Elsie had gone away.  The history books were all . . . history.  So, we read Bible, snuggled, and prayed.  I prayed and then Jessie prayed the prayer she prays every night.  We listened to our good-night song.  Then, we turned out the light and said farewell to day 314.

Blessings:  In a relative sort of way, the basement wiring is finished.  A future, God willing, with blueberries to be picked with friends.  Five-year-olds who give their Mama a felt cat they sewed.  The coming warmer weather and the departure of turtle necks.  Being able to look forward to a summer with siblings home.  There aren’t many summers with multiple siblings left in our life.  We’re already in the phase of our life where there’s just one sibling for Jessie three-fourths of the year.  But, thinking of having Jessie around full-time, even for just these fleeting years, warms my heart.


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