Day 312 (April 8, 2016)

312 -2 teeth2

I got up the same time as usual.  I guess God only put one day a week on the calendar for rest and I guess God knows best.  I cut up the four pork loin.  I made bags of pork chops and froze them, I cut up pork cubes and marinated them in balsamic garlic, and I threw the fatty pieces into the crock pot with horseradish lime marinade.

Jessie was up at 7:00am.  We had eggs for breakfast.  Then, we commenced to cleaning.  We had floors to dust.  We made beds (as per usual).  We took out trash.  We swept the garage and basement.  We put laundry away.  We put tools away.  We put the stuff from the table refinishing away.  It took about four hours to put the house back to a place called neat.

At noon, Jessie’s grandpa came.  We spent the afternoon wiring in the basement.  We pulled wire to the outlet in the work room.  We finished and closed up the j-box in the pantry.  We put a new outlet in the paint area.  Then, we started work on moving the last two wires in the garage up into the ceiling joists.  After two to three hours of nasty work to drill around the steel I-beam, we finally got the two wires re-routed.  All that’s left in the basement are 3-4 clean-up projects and the pulling of the last outlet wire in the ceiling (translation, another hole in the stucco ceiling, but, thankfully, the last).  So, we are now ready to insulate the garage joists and install the new ceiling.

After helping clean in the morning, Jessie spent the day riding her birthday bicycle in the basement, reading, and putting together two puzzles.

For lunch, Jessie ate mac n cheese and ham.  She uttered not a single complaint, but rather enjoyed the meal.  Score:  protein, 2.

We headed to Menards to pick up some stuff.  They were having a “Crazy Days” sale, and there were a few other things we needed.  It’s not that I want to drive to Menards twice in two days.  It’s just part of building/refurbishing.

After Menards, we talked to two siblings.  I also put a few outlet covers on.  It really makes the hard work look finished.

We read Bible, Anne, and prayed.  Day 311, Jessie, and I parted company.

Blessings:  A neat and clean house.  Wiring that’s coming to an end.  Mac n cheese with small ham pieces.  Perseverance (with houses and Jessie).  Getting back into the kitchen.  Having things better set up so Jessie can have better play time.  Spring flowers and spring rains.  The rosebud trees around the property are bursting with spring.

Did you see that they’re erecting an arch from a temple of Baal in Times Square and in London?


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