Day 310 (April 7, 2016)

311 Violin

Up at the usual hour.  Since we went to bed at the targeted hour, sleep was good.  The early morning hours were medium productive.

We’ve been emphasizing less whining.  We start with the process of getting up.  Jessie has been doing better.

Breakfast was an egg and Greek yogurt.  Note to self:  get more fruit in the house.

School went very well.  Jessie has finished her review section in handwriting.  So, we’re emphasizing better handwriting starting today.  We needed to catch up on the biology lapbook and did.  We’re going with an every-other-day schedule on the Flashmaster.  I still keep waiting for our grace period on the pre-multiplication days to end in math.  I suppose I could just look ahead and see for myself.  In history, we’re on cruise control.  We have four history reading books at the library.  Phonics is down to the last ten lessons.  After a break, we’ll re-do them.  We’re almost done with this module of Bible lessons.  Mama and the violin teacher think the practice contest had discernible results in Jessie’s violin playing.  We ran class a little longer so that we can cut Friday short a bit.

The people at the children’s theatre were uncooperative.  After half a dozen e-mails, we couldn’t persuade them to let us go on Jessie’s birthday.

Jessie, Mama, and I went to the license branch to get our car plates.  We didn’t know we needed to return.  I did a panel study at P&G on a new Head and Shoulders product. We got a coffee table at the storage unit.  We went grocery shopping.  Small mandarins were too costly, so we doubled up on bananas.  I got a ham to cook for seasoning.  I got an extra gallon of milk and a loaf of bread.  I’ll be happier when we get back to baking bread.  I should have gotten another dozen eggs.

We ate supper.  Jessie practiced violin.  We danced the rumba and the waltz and a bit of foxtrot.

Jessie and I read Anne.  Son Walter was killed in WW1.  The author telegraphed that miles ago.  But, it made Jessie sad anyway.  The book is almost done and the series is almost concluded.  I’m ready to say good-bye to Green Gables.

We prayed.  We read Bible.  Day 310 ended softly.

Blessings:  Some recent copies of Consumers’ Reports.  An unsolicited suggestion for something to do given at the license branch.  Never having had a problem with dandruff.  Less whining on the part of Jessie (my whining is about average).  The end in sight with Anne of Green Gables.  The last of five girls reading them with me.  The last time I’ll need to read them, unless/until granddaughters.



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