Day 308 (April 5, 2016)

309 Fridge

Tuesday was typical for a Tuesday.  What can I say? School was school.

We did some wiring.  Mr. Electrician worked diligently and traced out the 3-way circuit that has a switch in the basement stairwell and the garage.  It controls the two security lights on the back of the house.  It took a fair amount of time, but he traced it all out, we got it back in working order, and we added an outlet to the circuit.  So, the basement wiring is done except for:  putting the traveler and switch wires to the garage 3-way, connecting the outlet by the garage man door, pulling new wire to the corner outlet, and changing the wiring to the outlet in the workroom.  With some luck, that would take a day of hard work.  After that, all that remains (in the wiring department) is the kitchen and the basement stairwell.

In the early afternoon, Mama, Jessie, and I looked at three project houses.  I think I mentioned that this would be a summer project for the twin siblings.  We marked one house off the list.  Too much work.  The other two are the right size and the right price and they’d require work within our skillset.  Stay tuned.  Three different realtors showed us the three properties.  One was the realtor who had sold us the house in which we’re living.  He came back to see the house with six months of improvements.  I picked his brain for ideas and it was a profitable visit.

Late afternoon, I worked on taxes.  In a normal year, I would have had my records done in December and would have been in line to get my taxes done in late January or early February.  But, this year has been anything but normal.  Even our tax man was shocked.  When we called for an appointment, the secretary said the entire staff wondered when we would call.

Jessie and I read Bible.  We prayed.  We read Anne.  We called day 308 over.

Blessings:  Realtors who are more helpful than money grubbing.  Old friends who help with wiring.  Looking forward to this house being done.  When I bought the first house for my family, one of the question on the mortgage was number of years in school.  At the time, I was finishing a post-grad degree.  I realized that I had continuously been in school since my mom had dropped me off at kindergarten at age five.  It had been twenty-five years of public school and college.  I decided then and there that I’d had enough school.  Now, as I look to the completion of this house, I realize that I’ve been buying/restoring/building four houses for my family for the past twenty years, it’s about time to quit working on houses.  God has blessed us with four amazing homes.  And, I couldn’t have done it without a lot of help.


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