Day 307 (April 4, 2016)

308 Tulips

Jessie was up at 7:00am.  We’re still working on mornings.

Scghool was school.  I’m grateful that we are in a routine.  I need to take advantage of this period of stasis to add.  Jessie’s violin teacher has been having a practice contest for the last month.  There is a group of winners that gets to go bowling.  Then, there is an overall winner.  There have been days that Jessie has missed practice (largely Sundays and Spring Break).  But, she made the cut for bowling.

We’ve added K-nex to the puzzle fun.  Jessie has made a bunny face, a crocodile, and an alligator.

I bought show tickets for the day of Jessie’s birthday for a children’s theater performance.  I made plans for the day of her birthday.  Presents have been ordered and are en route.  It’s a bit too early to look at the weather to make additional plans.

On Sunday we had looked at some houses to buy.  A realtor called to answer questions about one property we had seen.  In turning the whole thing over in my mind, I had an idea.  A wild idea.  I quickly sent out e-mails to the appropriate individuals.  Then, I called and got appointments scheduled for three showings on Tuesday.  We’ll see.

Jessie and I went to CVS, the library, and the bank.  We returned two to the library and picked up 11.  We got audio books for Wednesday’s trip.  At CVS, we got the three new kinds of peanut MnMs:  chili nut, honey nut, and coffee nut.  Mama and Jessie practiced violin.  I blindfolded Mama and she tried the three new MnMs, with a palate cleanser of milk between tastings.  She chose, in this order:  coffee, honey nut, chili. We ate supper.  We danced.  We went to violin lesson.  We skipped Christian skate night.  We went to the home of the relative who had surgery.  We read a chapter from Anne.  We made a k-nex crocodile.  We talked to four siblings.  We read Bible.  We prayed.  Day 307 was over.

Blessings:  Having K-nex leftover from older siblings.  The good people who put the time in to write curriculum.  The drive to be creative as given to us for having been created in God’s image.  The desire to undo the results of the Fall on creation.  The will to undo the falleness in me.  The power of words.  The power of cuddling.  Salted caramel pretzel ice cream


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