Day 306 (April 3, 2016)

306 Redbud

I got Jessie up at 7:00am.  She had her bath and I dressed her in a pretty, springy dress.  Mama, Jessie, sister and I went to church.  The sermon was on servanthood.  After church, we made lunch:  tuna steak marinated in Thai sauce, potatoes, salad.  Mama took a nap.  We got milk sufficient for the week.  The four of us looked at houses, with an eye for a possible summer project for the two boys.  We went for a short walk.  The wind was cold.  We had some spontaneous visitors and met someone new.  We watched the new movie Cinderella.  It was about as good as it could get, given the fact that you already knew the plot.  We danced to two songs.  We Skyped brother.  We talked to another friend on the phone.  We read Bible, prayed, and read Anne.  Day 306 was over.

Blessings:  Hearing God’s word proclaimed.  Having an Ebenezer Scrooge moment. Milk, glorious milk.  Seeing a man in wheelchair on our walk who was completely full of life.  I remember smiling a bit more on day 306.  Glass slippers and tennis shoes that fit a princess.


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