Day 303 (March 31, 2016)

303 Buttercups

I got Jessie up at 5:30am.  We were headed to see a relative before surgery.  We prayed with her and headed back to the house.  We got wet in the rain.  School started about the normal time.  School went well.  Brother called. He had his follow-up doctor appointment.  The foot is healing well and won’t require surgery.  After school, we ran to the other Menards to order a new garage door.  It looks like the new door thing won’t work out.  Our door opening is complicated.  So, we’ll probably stick with what we’ve got.  Instead we got thinset, caulk that will serve as grout, and tile sponges.  Soon, it will be time to start putting the tile in the solarium. Unfortunately, I’m slow at installing tile.  We went back to the hospital with Mama to see our kin post-surgery.  She’s doing well.  Mama had a patient die at work and was bothering her.  The doctor on call seemed to be AWOL and only ordered Claritin for this man whose health was failing.  We had hoped to go on a walk, but it was raining by the time we got back.  We looked at some houses and got a book at the library.  We went to Walmart (a place I do not like to go).  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to Jessie’s violin practice.  Mama and I did a bit of rhumba and waltz.  I gathered the necessary stuff (3 rolls of insulation, expanding foam, hoodie, utility knives, flashlights, ladder, gloves, dust mask, chewing gum, ridged foam panel, liquid nails, caulk gun, etc), and entered the access in the solarium ceiling.  The space is cramped, and one needs to crawl through a secondary hole to get to the secondary space.  I discovered five spaces that were going to more intense insulating (pre-cut rigid foam and expanding foam to seal the edges).  So, it took longer than I’d hoped.  Crawling around in a tight space resulted in me sweating profusely.  I had to continually wipe my glasses from the condensation and perspiration.  It took two hours, but I think the space is completely sealed.  My clothes were soaked by the time I quit.  Jessie had done two puzzles, talked to sister on the phone, and played Apples to Apples by herself, in the interim.  I grabbed a shower before bed.  Sleeping with a layer of fiberglass on my skin is not my idea of fun.  Jessie and I read Bible.  We read Anne.  We prayed.  We listened to our night song.  We both passed out without knowing whatever became of the rest of day 303.

Blessings:  Having the last of the three empty spaces in the house insulated.  Having the end of insulating in sight.  All of the amazing flower bulbs that the previous owner planted springing up.  There are hundreds of them.


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