Day 300 (March 28, 2016)

It’s the day after Easter and day 300.  Somewhere in all that there is a reason to celebrate life.

So, I slept in til 5:30am.  I’m a lazy butt, what can I say.  I put the luggage away.  I put the food away.  I did the trip laundry and put it away.  For all intents and purposes, the trip was put away before 9:00am.

I got Jessie up at 7:22.  It took me til then to get the morning going.  I got Jessie dressed in warm clothes.  We were to have a low of 33 degrees.  I re-fired the boiler pilot light and turned on the heat (after putting on another shirt).  Violin lesson had been cancelled (due to a cat fight.  I’m serious.  A cat tore up the violin teacher.  Really).  So, we didn’t need to get too dressed up for the day.  Besides, Jessie thought that going to bed at 1:00am and getting up at 7:22am was a stretch.  In my defense, she slept several hours in her car seat while we drove.

School went well.  Saxon math is still merciful.  We did history.  In the moving in of two weeks ago, I grabbed about twenty boxes of stuff.  One box included two microscopes.  The one belonged to my grandfather who was a doctor.  It’s brass and antique and really cool looking.  The other microscope is new and was bought for the older siblings.  I was guessing there might be some slides for biology.  So, I unpacked the box and, true to my guess, there were slides of one-celled animals (hydra, protozoa, etc), algae, and plant parts (roots, stems, cross-sections of leaves).  The slides were perfect.  At first, Jessie struggled to close one eye.  Finally, she covered one eye with her hand and she could see the slides.  It was a neat addition to biology that wasn’t in the lesson plan.  When slides were fuzzy, we used the internet to find similar pictures that were clear as a bell.

Outside, the tulips are blooming.  The redbuds are budding and are ready to explode with color.  The neighbors’ ornamental plum trees are resplendent in a wedding dress of white.

Both on the tiny level under the lens of the microscope and outside in an array that hems us in, the beauty of God’s creation unquestioningly speaks of God’s existence.

I guess I’m just saying that school was pretty good.  In math, 2 + 2 still equaled 4, the way God designed it.

School lasted a bit long, but teacher and student were a bit slow after Spring Break (all that hard partying, and all).

I started to work on the last of several steps in the basement wiring.

Mama and Jessie did violin practice.

The three of us went shopping.  The cupboards were bare after the trip to Florida.  We bought chicken, mac n cheese, milk, mayonnaise, and half-price peanut butter eggs. Mama likes those version of Reese’s best because the ratio of peanut butter is higher than the ratio of chocolate.  I bought two cases, since they’re only available once a year, and, as I said, they’re her favorite.  We stopped at a family member’s house to visit. She is to have surgery this week.

We returned to the house.  I made supper for Jessie.  Mama had some stuff to eat. Mama had to go to work, so we practiced our ballroom dancing lessons before she left. We did the rumba and the waltz.

I got on the phone to talk to sister.  We needed to catch up about potential summer plans.  There had been other housekeeping things for the siblings.  I filled in the financial info for one son’s scholarship application and we sent that.  I transferred money into another sibs account so he could get a physical on Tuesday (he’d submitted the paperwork once to the government already, but, like I said, it’s the government).

We went to bed about 8:00am, after praying, reading Bible, and reading Anne.  In Anne, the tension about Walter’s refusal to sign up to go war is almost too much to bear.  Day 300 was gone.

Blessings:  Spring.  In once read a sermon illustration that goes like this:  A blind guy used to sit with his cup for change at a busy intersection every day.  He had a sign that said, “I am blind.”  People passed by and gave a buck or two and he got enough to survive.  One day, an advertising guy walked buy, said a few words to the blind guy, and asked if he could write something on his sign.  At the end of the day, the advertising guy walked by and asked how it had gone that day.  The blind guy said he’d gotten more money than he’d ever gotten.  He asked the advertising guy what he’d written. The advertising guy said I only added four words.  Your sign now says, “I am blind . . . . and it is Spring.”


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