Day 297 (March 25, 2016)

297 Bad Hair Day @ BK

I went running at the park.  My friend was there again.  I picked up Jessie and we hung out at the park til 10:00am.  A nice police officer noticed the license plate from Tennessee and stopped to see why I was about.  I didn’t look very suspicious, so he meandered away.

We went shopping.  Jessie’s brother had a doctor’s appointment.  We picked him up, went to the doctor’s office, and wasted three hours.  The doctor said he needed an x-ray of the foot while he was standing on it.  They sent us to x-ray.  After an hour at x-ray, they said they didn’t have the equipment, improvised, and took an x-ray anyway.  The doctor was livid with the x-ray techs and said we’d need to go to the other office next Thursday.  So, three hours were wasted.

We ate supper.  We went to see the basset hound again.  We went shopping.  We went to a stretch of beach.  We used up some gift cards and got some fancy coffees to share. We went back to the hotel.

We read Bible.  We prayed.  We read Anne.  We ended day 297.

Blessings:  Mornings without rain, even if it rains the rest of the day.  I at least got to jog.  Eating with the kids.


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