Day 294 (March 22, 2016)

294 PCC Stairs

There were three things to be accomplished on Tuesday:  1. School.  2.  Wiring.  3. Getting ready for Spring Break/vacation.

  1. School went well.  The carnation experiment failed.  The bean experiment failed.  So, we planted flower seeds.  I need to dig out the microscope and see if there are any plant tissue slides, etc.  But, the microscopes just came into the house on Saturday, so we’ve been delaying moving on to the biology of the human body.  We’ll stay in plants for a while.  We’ve done some extra history, just to keep it all balanced.  As said earlier, we’ll finish our first year of spelling in about two weeks.  Saxon Math is still being generous.  We only have about 15 lessons in phonics.  Then, we’ll start over.
  2. Wiring went well.  The electrician took about four hours to move the solarium/entryway/living room circuit into the ceiling of the garage.  We only have two more garage wires to trace and move.  Then, we need to put a j-box in the edge of the garage and pull wires for the five basement lights.  The electrician cleaned up the 3-way switch and it works like a champ.  Another two weeks and the basement wiring should be finished.
  3. Getting ready to go to Florida went well, I hope.  Make chicken marsala, fried tilapia with Andy’s Cajun seasoning, make penne pasta, make spaghetti noodles, make chocolate chip bread, make blueberry bread, make brownies, make chili, make Cincinnati chili.  Gather/organize/load:  pepperoni, Italian seasoning, canned milk, 2 gallons of milk, everything bread, Doritos, lime/chili chips, 2 jars homemade salsa, Reese’s peanut butter eggs, chocolate kisses, Fritos chili cheese chips, dishwashing liquid, dish drying towels, garbage bags, Walmart bags, plastic forks, plastic spoons, Corelle plates and bowls, microwave.

Buy:  shredded cheddar cheese, salad pepper rings, Parmesan cheese, butter, eggs, Sabra hummus, 3 12-packs of pop, Little Debbie cakes, Jessie jelly beans, Easter Reese’s, Cookies n Cream Easter eggs, etc for Easter morning Easter hunt.

Pack: Jessie play clothes, Jessie two pairs of shoes, Jessie underwear, toothbrushes, Jessie toothpaste, dad toothpaste, q-tips, deodorant, tweezers, fingernail clippers, inverter, hair bands, hair brush, comb, leggings, fancy Easter socks, white socks, cell phone for pictures and alarm clock, empty tub, 5-day cooler, Easter suit, blue jeans, dress pants, five dress shirts, dress shoes, belt, necktie, four reading books for Jessie for the trip, peanut butter m n m’s, bananas, oranges, yogurt, Minion blanket, Jessie swimsuit, dad swimsuit, Jessie sand bucket/toys, sunscreen, Jessie sandals, dad sandals, Jessie four dress outfits, Jessie Easter outfit, diapers, p.j.’s, children’s vitamins, dad supplements, laptop computer, Bible, etc.  So far, I recognize that I’ve forgotten:  a sleeping bag and Tabasco sauce.  I guess I’ll figure out whatever else I’ve forgotten over the next four days.

We cleaned up some stuff not worth mentioning (even though I was given permission to blog it).  We ran out of time and didn’t get to go for a walk.  We talked to two siblings on the phone.  We read Bible.  We started book 8 of Anne. We prayed.  We listened to our good-night song.  We saw day 294 end.

Blessings:  Hard work in school, hard work on the house, and the anticipation of a vacation in the Spring.  Spring Break on the beach with three beautiful women.  More and more daffodils blooming in the yard.  Good food in a cooler and ready to east on vacation.  A long day and still in bed by 8:30pm.  Being more blessed by God than I deserve.


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