Day 292 (March 20, 2016)

292 Toothless

So, I got a late e-mail on Saturday night.  Some old friends were coming to visit on Sunday.  We hadn’t seen them since late May.  So, we had the house 90% done on Saturday.  But, with company, that meant I had the other 10% to get done before church.  It was worth it to see the family friends who are like family.

Church was good.  The communion meditation was a bit far afield, but the rest of the service was edifying.

During worship, Jessie rubbed the place on her sister’s hand that gets inflammation.

After service, I stopped to say hello to Billy.  I forgot the story about the last time I dropped off lunch (last Sunday).  One of the other three or four guys was working the highway exit ramp.  Billy and two other guys were under the highway overpass because it was raining.  They were watching their friend from a distance.  As a car pulled up to give the guy some cash, the three under the overpass were counting the number of cars that donated.  They called it “hits” when someone gave cash.  It was fun to watch the three evaluating the fourth from a distance.  It was like they were parents watching a little leaguer on the field.  They said that he had an exceptionally good day.  He’s already had nine hits.  I gave the “coaches” some grilled ham and cheese and left. Anyway, the guys all know our cars now and wave.

After church, I made lunch.  I made bar-b-que Korean beef stir fry with green peppers. We had rice, leftover Indian curry, extra spicy ramen, corn, and peppers and dip.  For dessert, we had coffee ice cream with hot mocha cappuccino hazelnut topping.  Yes, it was all that good.  Other than the Little Caesar’s the night before, it was the first official meal in the just finished dining room.  We decided that the official passing direction is left.  The dining room is stunning, in my opinion.  Oak floors, oak table, six oak chairs, oak bench, brass light fixture.  All beautiful wood grain that is clear evidence of the existence of a Creator.

I guess I didn’t mention that the dining room and living room are furnished for the first time.

The afternoon company arrived.  The only negative note was the fact that they are regular blog readers.  Although we hadn’t seen them, there was little to tell them about our life or about the house.  All the cute stories I might have told, they already knew. I’d start to say something, then I’d see it in their eyes that they’d already heard the tale.

There was a walk.  It was brisk, but the sun was shining.  It’s good to welcome Spring.

We did some shopping.  Staples.  Menards.  Sears (the new bike is here).  The homes of two relatives.

We did some Priceline reserving.  We cancelled an extra hotel room.  There was some dancing.  We called three folk and talked to two.

Jessie and I read Bible (Psalm 101).  We prayed.  We read Anne.  We listened to the new good-nite song.  My bed now has a reading light, since we moved more stuff over from storage.  Day 292 ended.

Blessings:  Holding hands with the people you love at lunch on a Sunday afternoon after church and thanking God for family, for a beautiful house, and for food to eat. Arguing with Jessie to eat her lunch, just like we used to do with the other six (I spoon fed the chicken and the beef.  I let others do the rest).  Having a ceiling high pile of dishes to hand wash after a great family meal.  Spending the afternoon with a family that adopted our family.  Making preparations to go see three of the children in three days.  Being the most blessed man I know.


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