Day 291 (March 19, 2016)

291 Jessie Cooler

For me, Saturday was an eighteen hour day.

We cleaned the basement and first floor.  I washed three loads.  I washed the bedding we used in the basement.  I washed the cushion covers for the couch and chair.  We dusted, vacuumed, and washed windows.

We reorganized the stuff in storage.

We moved furniture into the dining room.  We moved some lights and a bit of furniture into the living room.  We moved a bench into the hall entry.

We bought milk.  We went grocery shopping.

That may not sound like eighteen hours, but it certifiably was.

We read Bible.  We prayed.  We read Anne.  Day 291 ended late.

Blessings:  Vaccuum cleaners.  Vinegar, an empty spray bottle, and newspapers. Grocery shopping later on a Saturday night when it’s not crowded.  Eating in the dining room, not at a card table with folding chairs.  Having a place to sit and take off/put on my shoes in the entry of the house.


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