Day 288 (March 16, 2016)

288 French Toast

It’s just been a weird week.  I feel a bit discouraged.  But, when I look at all the discouraging things that have happened, I’m amazed I’m only a little discouraged.

In trying to communicate my being “a bit” discouraged, I wrote three paragraphs of the things that should have discouraged me.  Upon reflection, I just deleted them.

When I look at all that could be getting me down, I’m really not upset.

Jessie had a good breakfast and lunch.  Yesterday was bath day, so she’s clean, even though construction areas aren’t.  The weather has been amazing, so we were able to open the windows to let the poly smell out.  With perseverance, I did get through the latest impossible wall to wire.  Jessie had a tolerably good day of school.  We got to go on a long walk on a beautiful day.  I made potato soup and it was good.  I had some of my favorite store-bought cookies.  I discovered wires that will make wiring the overhead light in the kitchen a snap.  I sent out a dozen e-mails and had a couple phone calls that solidify spring and summer plans.  I found an airline ticket for sister that was really cheap.

I do feel that I’m cheating Jessie on these beautiful days by making her stay in while I work.  I got out a second 300 piece puzzle.  She used to need help on these.  Now, she rips through one in three or four days.  Jessie continues to grab spare moments to sit down and read her new Bible.

I forgot to mention that Jessie crawled in my lap yesterday just to snuggle with dad.  I won’t forget this time.  On Wednesday, Jessie crawled in dad’s lap again just to snuggle.  And, we’re getting to the end of the next-to-last Anne of Green Gables.  I for one am tired of all this Polyanna saccharine.

Blessings:  We read the Bible about three times.  We prayed that many times or more.  It was a beautiful day.  Some people we love are on the mend (some aren’t). Snuggling with Jessie.  Knowing Jessie has a daddy she can go to and knowing that I have a Dad that I can go to.


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