Day 287 (March 15, 2016)

287 Van Seat

The Ides of March.  Not a good day for Caesar.  Classical allusions point to high culture.  “Won’t you hop inside my car? I’ve got candy, kisses, I’m a loveable man” is creepy and probably describes a sexual predator.  Such knowledge bespeaks of a mind that is inundated with low culture.  The fact that I know both means I know a little of the good and far too much trash.  I wish I had been more disciplined when I was a youth and had avoided more trash culture.  After all, trash has a foul smell.  It’s rotten and it stinks.

Well, one crazy phone call deserves another, that’s what I say.

Jessie did school.  We’re in the kitchen for school.  We are sleeping in the basement.

I kept looking at the living room floor and something didn’t look right.  So, I grabbed my can of golden oak stain and re-stained two big spots that looked too white.  It did the trick.  The floors looked a uniform, warm, golden brown.  You can still see some cat pee, but 90% is gone or hidden.  I think strategic placement of furniture and one throw rug and we’re in business.  Otherwise, the floors are beautiful.  The floor guy came and put the first coat of polyurethane down.  Later, I needed something from the front hall closet.  There is a boot print in the poly.  Jessie’s sister said it’s a story. Today (Wednesday), we get the second coat of poly and they install the shoe mold.  It is going to look great.

After school, there was some time.  Traditionally, the wiring guy comes, but he had some family stuff.  So, I looked and the path to light the workroom/laundry looked straightforward.  How many times, especially in an old house, when you start something that looks easy, that it turns out to be a nightmare? (Only three commas in the last sentence, so it’s under the four comma limit as taught to me by my 7th-8thgrade English teacher, Miss Arnold).  Well, in this case the wiring job that looked easy, was easy.  I found the switch wire for the old wiring, it wasn’t tube and knob, and it was long enough to re-use.  I pulled wire from the circuit in the pantry, added the switch and two outlets and voila, there is light in the workroom.  I let Jessie ceremonially throw the switch for the first time.  There are only two more light switches in the basement that need done.  This will be my first attempt at a three-way switch (remember that trash stinks, dear friend).

Jessie new bicycle was in.  So, we went to get it.  The guys pointed out the box was torn, but the frame didn’t seem scratched.  I got it home and started to assemble and realized it was missing a training wheel.  So, it was back to the store.  We returned the bike, returned home, and re-ordered it online.  It will be here Thursday.

Tuesday was also the day to vote.  I had thought about voting “insincerely” to try to mold the outcome.  But, I read a bit, and decided to vote my conscience.  I’m glad I did.  The lady at the poll was fun to talk to.  She was distressed that in many elections (not this one) that the turnout is as low as 25%.

Outside the polls, a man was gathering signatures on a petition to get Ohio’s Constitution amended with an anti-abortion law.  I gladly signed it and thanked him for his work.  If you’d like to help, the petition is here:  Print a copy, take it to church, and get everyone to sign it (you must be registered to vote in Ohio).

Floors, bicycle, school, voting, dead Caesar, pro-life, cat pee, basement lights, let’s see . . . what have I left out?

That’s it.  I forgot the dog pee.  Well, since it was a glorious day, we went on a longer walk.  Along the way, we saw someone entering the house we’ve coveted that was destroyed by dogs.  I sprinted to meet the person entering the house.  Her name is Heather and she’s delightful.  She and Tony bought the house in October when it went up on sheriff’s auction.  Tony loved the house, and the two of them are restoring it.  I told them all the stories about me creeping on the place and that we were neighbors.  I asked if I could see the place and she said we could if I held Jessie.  She warned us that the dog urine smell was overwhelming.  All of the floors on the first floor are gone and all that remains is the subfloor.  The house is amazing.  It’s everything on the inside that it is on the outside.  I was so glad to know that someone who loves the house is re-doing it, and not some developer.  And Heather didn’t lie.  The inside smelled worse than you can imagine.  Just like low culture, it stank.  By the way, Tony and Heather have two dogs.

Speaking of dogs, everyone and their dog were out walking.  We ran into Sheba and her owner.  We met them last Fall.  Sheba will turn twelve next month and is going to the spa for a day for her birthday.  No comment.

Well, I think we covered all the urine stories.  Now that the stories about cat pee in this blog will soon come to an end, I know readership will drop off precipitously.  (Did the Steelers win and what’s the latest news on the cat pee?).

We sat on the front porch until it became dark.  Then, I used the laptop and played soft music and we danced on the porch in the moonlight.

I read a chapter of Anne.  We read Bible.  We prayed.  What a day. . .  what a day.

Blessings:  That I’m not Caesar.  Who likes getting stabbed in the back by your best friends?  That the lie of one’s own tastes is a lie.  There are good and bad and those standards apply to everyone, even if it took me decades to learn that.  The soon-to-end stories about pet urea (thank goodness).  The sanity that God brings to insanity. That there’s hope for everyone, even those who should have known better long ago. That there is not only objectivity in matters of culture, but that there are still people who know that a baby is a baby, in or out of the womb.  Especially in the womb.  That you are going to sign that petition, get 100 of your friends to sign it.  That you’re going to start listening to good music.


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