Day 282 (March 10, 2016)

Today represents half a year.  It’s been half a year that Jessie and I have physically lived in this house.  It’s been an amazing six months, really.  God has been far kinder than I deserve.  It’s also been a lot of work.  But, God has given us the strength.  The house is on the verge of being at a place where it looks like a home.  We filled corners and nooks with beds to accommodate family for Christmas.  But, the upstairs now looks like a place in which you’d like to live.  The first floor will soon look inviting, too.  In many ways, these have been the longest six months of my life.  I’m sure Jessie feels the same in many ways.  In spite of the heaviness of our days, I know there hasn’t been a day when we haven’t laughed (Jessie laughs all the time . . . and she makes me laugh).  On most days we’ve danced. Somewhere between half the days and three-fourths we’ve cried.  And there probably hasn’t been a day when we haven’t prayed to God and begged Him, among other things, to forgive us.

I got Jessie up at 7:00am.  It was a bath day.

There are good days in school.  And, there are better than good days.  Thursday was a better than good day.

Jessie tried on her new swimsuit we had bought the day before.  The other has gotten too small.  Jessie has grown a lot over the past nine months, for a little person.  She’s not the tiny waif she was when I started writing this blog.

After lunch, we started using the acid to get the iron spots out of the floor.

The good folk we met last fall who gathered scrap metal came by to take away the metal shelves that used to be in the garage.

About 4:30pm, an old friend stopped by.  Sherry was the woman who gave us Weigo at the airport in 2006 or 2007.  For those of you who don’t know, we kept a severely-burned Chinese boy for a year.  Weigo had stumps for legs and the fingers on his right hand were gone.  Half of his face was scarred.  Weigo had been burned when he was sixteen months old and hadn’t learned to walk.  A ministry in Georgia placed Weigo with us while he underwent painful surgeries at a local burns hospital.  It was an amazing year, and Weigo was such a blessing to all of us.  Sherry was the liaison who worked with families in China, the ministry, and host families like ourselves.  We had attended her wedding five years ago.  Jessie was a newborn.  Sherry, her husband, and their three-year-old stopped to visit while they in town on a short vacation.  It was a pleasure to see her again and to talk about old times.  No one has really heard about Weigo in about eight years.  We calculated that he would be twelve years old, this month.

We had leftovers for supper.

For a number of reasons, I was feeling tired.  So, we headed upstairs a little early.  We talked to two sisters, an old friend, and a brother on the phone.

We read Bible.  We prayed.  Jessie fell asleep while I was talking to brother.  Day 282 and six months were now in the past.

Blessings:  Seeing a woman who handed us a bag of clothes, a letter from the previous host family, and a little burned boy, and who then got on a plane to Austin, ten years ago.  It was good to see Sherry and to remember.  Six months of hard work.  Six months of school.  Six months of Jessie’s smiles.  And, more dances than I can count.  More blessings from God than this old fella can remember.


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