Day 277 (March 5, 2016)

277Kitchen Chair

Sister got in late Friday night.  We had four family members under the roof.  I had asked that we keep to family this week-end.  I woke up early in the basement.

Years ago, I had a class on the book of Nehemiah.  The professor had us read the book for leadership lessons.  I frankly didn’t think much of the exercise.  One of the lessons we were to have learned had to do with Nehemiah inspecting the wall project in Jerusalem early in the morning before anyone else was awake.  So, I went to look at the garage project.  I made notes on a piece of crown mold that was in the trash.  I also made notes on the other side about what we needed to buy.  I went back to bed and mentally worked out some of the projects.

Apparently Jessie got sister up at 6:00am.  Jessie looked to see if sister’s Vera Bradley were on the radiator cover.  It was.  Sister told Jessie to go back to sleep.

I got Jessie up at 7:00am.  I sang the new version of Chariots of Fire/Today is Your Bath Day.  Jessie likes the chorus.  She got up and jumped on sister and brother to get them awakened.

We made fried eggs for breakfast.  Brother ate well at the beginning of the week on Spring Break.  Now, at the end, he’s getting pathetic food.  Lunch was leftover spaghetti.  Supper was Little Caesar’s.  I guess I wanted to get his stomach re-acclimated to school food before he went back to college.

After breakfast, I showed the work candidates the potential jobs in the garage.  I started and they joined in, largely picking their own job.  There were about a dozen of them.  Some were intense.  Some not so much.  One of the jobs involved testing the 81-year-old wires to the ancient door bell.  There was no way we could get to the doorbell button.  It’s in the front of the house brick.  But, there were two ancient wires that we discovered when we dropped the basement ceiling.  We put an ohm meter on the two wires and bingo, the push button still works.  After lunch, we went to Home Depot and got sundry and various electrical stuff.  I had planned, after we got the twelve garage projects done, to insulate the ceiling and start putting up the 4×8 OSB panels.  Instead, we came up with a better plan for the ceiling panels, and shifted our work another direction.  At 2:30, brother and sister started painting the poured walls and stucco with cement/waperproofing white paint.  I started pulling wire to the cistern, the two new LED lights for the garage, the garage light switch, the new door bell, and the pantry light.  The short version is that there was a hole through the masonry wall to the cistern, installation of temporary and permanent j-boxes with outlets, a new switch, and lots of holes in the ceiling joists.  The two painters finished the second coat of white paint on the old dingy walls about 7:30pm.  The wiring was complete about 8:00pm (I get paid by the hour; they’re salaried).

In the course of the day, Jessie read her biology and history books, played, did Perler beads, and jumped into the middle of the work projects when she felt like doing so.  Let’s just say that she got a swath of paint on the back of her sweatshirt from a certain paint roller.

It was a great idea to shift the work in a new direction in the middle of the afternoon.  Not only do we have a superior plan for putting up the ceiling at a later date, but the garage is all but finished and looks clean and bright.

Like I said, we got store bought pizza for supper.  No one complained after working so long and so hard.  No one wanted to cook. We just wanted to eat and be done with it.

Jessie practiced violin.  We ate ice cream.  We read Bible.  We prayed.

Brother and I went to bed.  Sisters stayed up and got Jessie’s Sunday bath over with and Jessie got her hair done up in sponge curlers.

I had my alarm set for 12:01am.  Brother set his for 11:55pm.  So, he got me up before my alarm went off.  I had slept in my clothes, so I just got up and we headed for the car.  It only took about 20 minutes to get to the bus station.  I waited in the station with brother. We talked a little sports, a little politics, and a little life.  His bus boarded at about 12:45am.  I got back a little after one and crashed.

Day 277 was over and so was brother’s Spring Break

Blessings:  If you want to sneak to push the button for the resurrected 81-year-old doorbell, you can do so any time in broad daylight. After you push the doorbell, run around to the side of the house (before you get caught), and while I’m at the front door, you can look in the window of the garage door and see the bright and clean garage.  If you want to sneak and see Jessie and I doing the waltz, the best time is about 7:30pm.  If you want to see Jessie snuggling in Daddy’s lap, you’d better sneak up to a window before she gets too much older.  The days when it will no longer be fun to snuggle with Dad are disappearing far too quickly to suit Dad.


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