Day 276 (March 4, 2016)

276 Hat_Curls

I got Jessie up at 7:00am.  I got out a peach-colored dress she hasn’t worn in a while.

Brother needed a haircut before returning to school, so we left at 8am to do the grocery shopping before the hair place opened at 10. We did two grocery stores and two drug stores.  The haircut was at a sports-themed men’s place.  It was borderline weird, but it was free with a coupon.  Brother asked if they could change the channel.  There were about 43 TV screens.  She said there were cameras and management got ticked if the station got changed.  Shades of Big Brother.

Back at the house, we attacked the solarium with reckless slow-motion.  No one was extremely motivated.  But, we got some wiring done, the solarium re-painted, the hardwood floors lightened from cat pee stain (to the tune of four gallons of H2O2), we researched the dark iron stains and bought the chemical solution for that (Hydrochloric acid, HCI), we touched up the stair risers, and we finished the built-in dressing room.  Not a bad haul for a lethargic day.

Jessie read dozens of history and biology books.  It was a kick-back school day, too.

Supper was spaghetti and corn.  For dessert, we went with vanilla ice cream.  Jessie practiced violin, while brother and I sat in the recliners.

We hadn’t read Anne much of late, so we read a chapter’s worth.

We read Bible and prayed.  We went to sleep.  Sister came about 10pm.  I got up, surrendered my bed, and went back to sleep in the basement.  Day 276 ended twice.

Blessings:  Internet searches that have a post from a boater with experience getting rusty nail stains out of boat decks.  A place to buy cheap hydrogen peroxide.  The prospect of having the first floor floors done.  Lazy days that still accomplish something.  Being mellow about work and being disciplined at reading the Bible and giving thanks to God.  Having a perfect Heavenly Father.


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