Day 270 (February 27, 2016)

269 Light Fixture

Saturday, we got some of the solarium painted, the risers on the stairs painted, some of the dressing room built-in wardrobe painted, some of Jessie’s clothes sorted, and all the attic floor screws screwed in.  We ate undercooked blueberry bread that was cooked a second time, store-bought pizza, and some yummy potatoes.  Friends drove from four hours away to deliver the reupholstered love seat, for which we were extremely grateful.  It was nice that they delivered the couch, but even more exciting to see them and visit with them.  Sister did a bunch of store runs, returned stuff, and bought groceries.  It was a beautiful day, so we quit work in the evening to go on a walk.  We stayed up late for some fun talk.

Blessings:  Friends from afar.


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