Day 268 (February 25, 2016)

February is almost finished.  A week-end and a day and she’s gone.  There were times of snow and wind on Thursday.  The snow would stick, then melt.  And, then it’d start over again . . . wind, snow, stick, melt.  I’m no weather forecaster, but it just felt as if winter were trying to reassert herself, but just didn’t have enough vim to get it done.  Either way, we stayed in all day in the better insulated and warmer house.

Before school, I revised a son’s resume.  That took an hour-plus.

Because of Monday doctor visit, our normal rhythm of baths was interrupted.  Wednesday was a bath day.  We did Jessie’s hair differently.  She got a compliment for her coif.

Breakfast was eggs and oranges.  We read a chapter of Proverbs, as ever.

School had a few hiccups.  For the first time in my memory, Jessie missed three on her timed math test.  She claims it’s happened before.  We got another new concept in math, with only four lessons left.  Jessie continues to crush it on the level 5 Flashmaster.  In biology, we ordered the book and books that we’ll use for plants from the library.  When I get my property tax bill and I look at the line for library assessment, I think my money is well spent.  We did two history lessons.  After class, we listened to one of her history books on CD.  She had the actual book and followed along.  There were all the other subjects that don’t make the blog:  violin, listening to Suzuki CD, handwriting, reading, spelling, coins, geography, etc.  There also the subjects that are finished, like safety and first aid.  All in all, we did a full day of school.

In the afternoon, I carried in two living room chairs, put oak dowels into the holes in the floor, put drywall mud in five holes (created by wiring work), painted two “oops” in the rose bedroom, put the back panel in the dressing room closet, added a layer of R10 insulation to said back, used expanding foam around the perimeter of the closet back, located the studs to install the stairway handrail, organized the schoolroom/office, cut the switchplate cover for the dining room (too skinny, I might add), and reinstalled the ceiling light in the basement.  I’m now ready to install the handrail and finish painting the dressing room closet.

Supper was salad (iceburg and romaine, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, feta cheese), good bread, and Cajun fish.

We danced the waltz.  We talked to one sibling for an hour.  We talked to two other siblings.  We started the next-to-last Anne of Green Gables. We said prayers for our president and for our country and quite a number of other things.  We read Psalm 121.  We had a pillow fight.  And, we had yet another sleepover in the living room (at Jessie’s request).  Day 268 ended without much pomp or circumstance.

Blessings:  A day when we don’t get in the car to go anywhere.  Months with no problems from the van (Why is it I gripe when things don’t work, and forget to be grateful to God when they do work?).  A day to stay inside and watch the snow and wind blow and ignore it.  Jessie’s new math book and new Bible story book that both arrived today.  Pillow fights with Jessie at the end of a great day.


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