Day 265 (February 22, 2016)

265 Stairs

One hundred more days and it will be a year.  Time passes.

I cleaned around the house and put away.  Since I’d done laundry on the week-end, it was unnecessary to start the week.

I got Jessie up at 6:00am.  She had a bath.  She had breakfast (French Toast, oranges, milk, daily vitamin).

We left about 7:45.  Traffic was absurd.  There was an accident.  But, we’d allotted a lot of extra time.  The drive was Google-mapped at an hour, thirty-one minutes.  We arrived about ten minutes early and bustled in.  We did a kiosk sign in and were called to the desk.  We did all the paperwork . . . insurance card . . . i.d. . . . surrender CD of bone scans . . . picture of Jessie.  We returned to our seats to wait.  They were running behind, but the wait wasn’t terrible.  There were kids who had all manner of really serious problems.  In fact, it looked like our issues were the least significant.  One child spontaneously broke out into a verse of Old McDonald.  When he finished, the folks in the waiting rotunda spontaneously broke out into applause.

We were called and were shown to the zebra room.  In succession, two nurses/aides came in for information and to make sure Jessie was comfortable.  They brought Jessie the book Curious George to keep.  Jessie read it, decided to leave it, and said the book was “silly.”  She preferred “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” because we’d just been to the show.  The Physician’s Assistant came in.  I talked about our last appointment.  She said that it’s rare at this stage to do x-rays because of the radiation. She did an exam of Jessie.  She found half a dozen exotoses that the last hospital didn’t find or chose not to mention to us.  There are more around the knee and one prominent one on her finger.  The Physician Assistant looked at our x-rays from two doctors ago and decided to order more x-rays.  We went to radiology.  Jessie had to put on cut-off shorts and a hospital gown.  She insisted I leave the room so she could dress alone.  The radiologist was fun.  She had Jessie do all manner of contortions.  They did spine, legs, arms, hands.  We went back to the room (this time, the elephant room).  The Physician’s Assistant came in with the doctor.  He did an exam.  He said that Jessie shows no problems at this point.  She clearly has MHE.  If the siblings weren’t symptomatic by no, then there’s nothing to worry about in their respective cases.  They are concerned about her relative young age and the number of exotoses, but there’s nothing to worry about now.  She has none on her pelvis at this point.  He wants an MRI of her spine in a couple years.  It’s rare for them to be there, but if they do show up they need surgery.  So, while her condition is not trivial and is serious, there’s nothing to worry about for now.  She’ll deal with it her entire life.  He said he’d see her in a year, unless one of the exotoses becomes painful.

I thought it was a very productive visit.  We’ll be skipping the previous doctor and returning here, in spite of the drive.

I asked Jessie if she wanted to stop for lunch.  She said she’s rather wait til we got home and have tomato soup.

We played “yellow car” on the way back.  “Yellow car?” you ask.  I’ll tell you about it some other time.

Jessie told me to ask homeless Billy if he’d like lunch.  Yesterday, he said he didn’t want anything.  Today, he thought he might like something.  So, Jessie ate an entire can of tomato soup.  We made two grilled cheese and ham sandwiches.  By the time we returned, Chris was on the off-ramp corner.  Chris took one sandwich; Billy, the other.

Jessie practiced violin for 40 minutes.  Today starts a violin practice contest.

We went to the library and returned three books about Ohio.  We got a bunch of books and an audio book.  Drat.  I’d wanted the audio book for the trip to the hospital.  Well, we’ll listen to it some time.

We went for a short walk.

Violin lesson.

I called the lawyer handing the house down the street’s foreclosure.

We ate supper.  I had the last of the pizza and a ham and cheese on rye. Jessie wasn’t too hungry since she’d had a late lunch.

Jessie read books while we pulled the last wire through the ceiling and through the i-beam, and into the garage.  All that remains is the dining room light and the kitchen.

In the course of the day, I talked to all the siblings but one to give them the medical update.  Jessie’s grandpa called to ask for the summary.  There’s also much afoot with the siblings in terms of scholarships, Spring Break, and summer plans.

Don’t you love autocorrect?  I don’t.  Looking above, it said that I had a “hand and cheese on rye” sandwich and that I delivered a sandwich to Christ, instead of Chris.

Jessie and I read Anne of Green Gables.  Diana (the daughter, not Anne’s friend) is having problems with a second best friend.

We read Bible.  We prayed.  I kissed Jessie on the nose.  I told her I loved her. Jessie wanted to sleep in the living room again.  So, we went to sleep in the living room and ended day 265.

Blessings:  That this new doctor included Jessie in the conversation.  The last one acted like she wasn’t even in the room.  That we had a thorough exam from a compassionate PA and MD.  As look at all those other kids in the waiting room, I secretly thank God that I’m not called to bear the burden that those kids/parents bear.  Maybe God knows I’m too weak to handle it.  Jessie’s cute little snore (to which I’m now listening as I write this blog, yes, before she gets up).  That I did not eat a hand sandwich.  2 Corinthians 12:10.


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