Day 261 (February 18, 2016)

264 Keep

Momentum:  noun  mo·men·tum \mō-ˈmen-təm, mə-\: the strength or force that something has when it is moving; the strength or force that allows something to continue or to grow stronger or faster as time passes.  physics: the property that a moving object has due to its mass and its motion.

We’ve been at this house thing since September.  The house had a few kinks we’d not anticipated (tube and knob wiring versus the insurance company; cat urine in the hardwood floor, etc).  But, we have steadily and persistently worked six days a week to bring this house kicking and struggling into a state of orderliness.  As of yesterday, I feel that there is momentum in this process.

The flooring guys came for the second of their three visits.  The buffed and re-coated the floors.  I waited until evening to look, but they are spectacular.  To see the beauty of God’s creation in eighty year old white oak restored and covered in satin polyurethane is breathtaking (or maybe, it’s just the smell of the polyurethane).  Today (Friday), the floor guys will return, cut, stain, and install the floor molding (can you picture the boundary between the painted baseboards and the finished floors in their final, beautiful condition?) and apply the last coat of polyurethane.  The upstairs will (except for a few things in the dressing room and the bathroom) be done.  The wiring guy put the third switch into the 4-gang electric box in the entryway.  That’s the switch for the wing wall and the outdoor pole light.  After school, the siren call of the Spring-like weather beckoned.  Since I dug up the wires and disassembled the wiring to the outside, I knew how to wire them back up.  So, with my old, old work shoes, I walked through mud and used tapcons to mount the new water-tight gang box with hinged lid and new GFCI outlet, ran the wires through conduit and connected then to the hot wires in the j-box on the house, and wired the coach light on the new pole previously cemented into the ground.  I flipped the switch and, presto, we have light on the front lawn.  Momentum.  When the floors are done later today, I’m already prepped with the furniture which is set aside in storage.  Once the bed is moved from storage into the bedroom, new sheets are waiting in the basement and my Grandmother’s quilt is waiting.  In less than an hour, the ceiling-painted, wall-paper-removed, plaster restored and skimcoated, walls painted, baseboards painted, re-wired, new light fixture installed, renovated closet, oak floors stripped of carpet and restored, new windowed, reconstructed flat roof outside the window overlooking the back yard, completely insulated master bedroom will be done.  Momentum.  I just need to pull the two wires that have progressed through 21 inches of brick across the basement ceiling, through the steel i-beam, and into the garage, and the last of the first floor outlets will be wired with beautiful new 14-2 plus ground.  Only the light in the dining room (other than the kitchen) remains.  Momentum.  By the end of the week-end, the upstairs should be finished.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

School went very well.  We did a history lesson on the state of Ohio.  As part of my working while Jessie works time, I ordered her new Math books (a used teacher book since ours is buried in the bowels of the storage boxes and fresh, new student books).  In less than two weeks, Jessie will be in second grade math.  We started this back in June.  In biology, we are all set up for insects.

Well, I already told you what we did after school.  We wired the outside light and scraped copious mud from my shoes.

After school and wiring was a long walk.  A neighbor commented on Esther’s flower bulbs that were commencing to bloom.  Apparently Esther’s bulbs are a neighborhood symbol of Spring coming to the block.  Then, it was time to practice violin.

After that, we started Jessie on Lego.  It was slower than I thought since Jessie’s brothers left their former toys in a state of disarray.  Then, we went to sewing.  The needle was lost, so we were forced to use one with a smaller eye.  But, we successfully sewed two elephant ears.  Jessie and I waltzed.

Supper was leftover chicken and grilled sausage.

In the course of the evening, we talked to three or four siblings, submitted a PSAT, strategized about graduation, planned summer jobs and potential visitors, and plotted how to approach a college scholarship.  Oh yes, I forgot to mention that Jessie’s grandpa made an appearance and was here for the official pole light lighting ceremony.

Jessie was tired, so I got her into P.J.’s and got her settled on the couch.  We read Anne.  We read Psalm 86.  We prayed for family and friends.  Jessie went to sleep.

Later, older sister would come and wake both of us.  She is in town a day early to take a family member to a hospital test.  She didn’t notice the new light I’d left on for her.

So, day 261 ended when we went to sleep and ended again when we went to sleep a second time.

Blessings:  Momentum.  Feeling like there was no end in sight of endless work and waking up one day and seeing that the end is not so far away.  An ever-improving roof over our head and food on the table and the prospect of getting that table in the basement sanded, repainted, and replacing the card table we’ve used for half a year.  God’s gifts of strength, perseverance, friends, and hope.  Especially hope.


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