Day 259 (February 16, 2016)

262 Heart

I was up at 4:30.  I cleaned up the messes we’d made over the past several days.  I sprayed the last sprays of Hydrogen Peroxide on the two gigantic stains upstairs.  One will still be very obvious; the other, well, the jury’s still out.  I swept up the plaster I’d dislodged.  Tuesday was a four-part harmony day:  Jessie school, floor guys, electrician, and a children’s musical downtown.

I got Jessie up an hour early.  Crazy.  Some days it’s late (1 in 300) and some days it’s early (1 in 30).

We started school early.  They threw a new concept at us.  It’s adding three numbers.  Jessie conquered it without being told how to do it.  I went downstairs to get a shower.  Just after starting to lather up, Jessie yelled that the electrician was here.  While I was showing the electrician what we’d gotten done, the floor guys showed up.  So, I talked briefly to the floor guys.  The electrician reminded me that if I wanted an outlet to have both a switch capability and a “hot” outlet, I needed two wires pulled.  So, while Jessie did school, and while the floor guys floored, and the electrician electrified, I pulled a second wire through the four pulling steps of the infamous i-beam run.

In the late morning, I said farewell to the three guys working on the house and Jessie and I drove downtown.  We had tickets for the “world premier” of Snow White and the Dancing Dwarves.  For the price ($7), it was a cute production.

We made our way back to the house and had lunch.  Jessie had leftovers.

By the way, Jessie’s cough was gone as of the evening we switched to Mucinex.  So, she still has a bit of the lingering cold, but the runny nose and cough are gone.  So, I quit medicating.

I did a small amount of work for the college kids (college application stuff, medical insurance/college enrollment verification for health insurance, and checking on a scholarship).  Then, we embarked on a day-long adventure of shopping and other mayhem.  We installed a battery in a buglar alarm system and ate supper at Wendy’s.  We went to Meijer’s (cheese, 2 kinds of lettuce, broccoli, bananas, sausage, ground turkey, frozen grape juice, paper towels, bread, etc), Lowe’s (a j-box extension, a chuck key, drywall mud), Aldi’s (4 gallons of milk), Kroger (cheese slices, pasta), the bank (deposit and a printed check for son number one to give a cancelled check to his summer employer), the library (return 7 books and 3 CDS and pick up two books and a CD), the post office (mail aforementioned cancelled check to son and mail Kinetics class notes to older sister), CVS (six 12-roll batches of toilet paper), and Walgreen’s (eight pints of hydrogen peroxide).  Speaking of hydrogen peroxide, I hope it’s not a chemical that’s used in making methamphetamines.  If so, I’ll never survive appearing before a judge and using my “cat pee” defense.  I think I’ll have to try the “I really wanted to lighten my hair” defense.

We went for a walk.

We started and completed a college application.

We danced the waltz.  Jessie’s favorite waltz music is “River Flows in You.”

We called a couple siblings.

We called it a day.

Bible/Prayer/Sleep.  Day 259 would never be again.

Blessings:  Getting a lot of shopping over and done.  With six packs of sliced cheese in the freezer, we can have grilled cheese forever.  Getting frozen grape juice concentrate for 11 cents.  Having the dining room outlets wired.  Having all but one of the living room outlets wired.  Brothers and sisters got their (late) valentine’s packages.  Jessie is over her cold.  Odds are that I won’t need to appear before a judge to justify my having hoarded H2O2.  Waltzing with our beautiful five-year-old daughter in a house with hardwood floors and virtually no furniture and no curtains with lights that work at night and the whole world can look in our new windows and watch if they want to.  I don’t care (dancing is usually every night about 7:30pm).


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