Day 257 (February 14, 2016)

260 Plaid Coat

Valentine’s Day.  We got up at 6:30 and started to get ready for Church.  Sister’s friend came with pink and red and swirl and heart-bespeckled cup-cake size cheesecakes for breakfast.  What a sweet surprise.  I wasn’t in a mood to cook, so it was doubly appreciated.  They tasted really good so it was triply appreciated.  When I learned that he stayed up til 3:00am and made these for the first time, well, you know that I appreciated the gesture still more.

Jessie put on her new dress and looked cute as a button (I don’t really think of buttons as being cute, but whatever).

So, we were headed for church, and we were warming up the car because it was mongo cold.  Slight problem.  We locked the only set of keys inside the running car.  Oops.  So, sister and Jessie stayed at the house and awaited AAA.  The rest of us went to church.

The sermon was on Philippians 1 and was about the importance of the church being unified and working together.

After church, I prepped lunch for the three who would be coming home.  When they arrived, I had a table for two with shrimp cocktail.  They sat and I served them.  We had a spring salad with feta cheese, bacon, croutons and mushrooms.  We had five fancy salad dressings (citrette, herbette, cherry cranberry vinaigrette, and cherry vinaigrette.  Yes, I know that’s four but I’m too lazy to go to the fridge and look at the label of the fifth).  Then, they chose between chicken parmesan and chicken marsala.  I flash cooked fresh asparagus in olive oil and added garlic and good parmesan cheese (leftover from the stuffed mushrooms and frozen).  For desert, we served a really good chocolate cheesecake with a white chocolate drizzle.  I offered Jessie shrimp or her favorite chips and salsa for appetizer.  I offered her cheese quesadilla or chicken parmesan for entre.  I offered her asparagus or pepperoni sliced on the side.  For dessert, I offered her chocolate cheesecake or the world’s largest Oreo (to get the crust for chocolate cheesecake you can use a pack of Oreos.  Now imagine that someone scrapes off the cream in such a way that they all stay in discs.  Now, imagine you take to chocolate cookies and neatly stack all of the cream removed from the entire pack of oreos between them.  Picture an Oreo with two chocolate cookies and over six inches of cream between them.  That’s the world’s largest Oreo).  Jessie usually opens the Oreo, eats the cream, and gives the chocolate wafers o someone else.  Sister picked herbette dressing and chicken parmesan and her friend picked citrette and chicken marsala.  Jessie picked chips and salsa, cheese quesadilla, pepperoni slices on the side, and the world’s largest Oreo.  All three got milk for beverage.

After the three finished, they went shopping.

The meal was so successful, we did it again.

About 5:00pm, sister left.  She had been shopping.  She facilitated getting presents from Jessie for Dad.  For Valentine’s Day, I got three kinds of tea, Rolos, a new necktie, a mug, and the cutest card there ever was.  Jessie got a new set of P.J.’s from sister (blue and purple plaid footy warm and fuzzy p.j.s).

Jessie wanted to work on one of her sewing projects.  So, we sewed two hearts on the bum of the felt elephant.  We also installed its pom-pom-like yarn tail.  We got to make the pom-pom from scratch.  The elephant is finished.  Now, we have a smaller twin to make.

We called siblings.  We got a call from cousin and grandma for Valentine’s Day.

We were up later than usual, so Jessie fell asleep on the couch.  I woke her to help her with diaper and p.j.’s.  She stole my couch and my blanket.  I got to sleep on the floor.  But, it was a spontaneous sleep-over in the living room.

Sister called.  She had some issues on the drive home.  But, nothing bad happened.  She just got home later than she wanted.  She also informed me that friend had run out of gas that day.  So, between the car keys locked in the car, the running out of gasoline, and the return home incident, it was a trifecta of automobile annoyance.

Jessie went to sleep before day 257 ended, but that was o.k., too.  I kissed her nose while she slept.

Blessings:  That Jessie’s nose wasn’t running when I kissed it.  Blech.  Finishing the sewn elephant.  God’s watchcare in spite of three car setbacks.  Jessie’s kind Valentine’s presents and an older sister who is teaching her to be kind to Dad.  Going to Church.  A day of rest rather than a day of school, cat pee, and impossible wiring.  A day when I don’t need a Tylenol.  Getting to cook fun food for Valentine’s Day and getting to serve those I love.  A new mug that says I heart Dad.  Anything with chocolate and caramel.  Chocolate cheesecake.


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