Day 256 (February 13, 2016)

257 Daddy's Shoes

I got up at 4:30am to make two chocolate cheesecakes.  I didn’t want sister to know because it was partially a surprise for her.

We started the day at 7:00am.  Oh, did I have big dreams.  We started on the second outlet in the dining room.  Time would fail me to describe what it took to get that wire in the wall.  It took six hours to do one outlet and no step or effort was wasted.  It was that difficult.  If it weren’t for sister by my side helping and encouraging, I would have given up.  But, after impossible perseverance, we succeeded.  I realize that had I paid a professional electrician, they would have told me it was impossible, they would have charged me an arm and a leg, they would have drilled a hole through the oak hardwood floor and mounted an ugly metal box on my baseboard, they would have been condescending, and in the end, they would have expected me to be grateful.  No thank you.  I’d rather see the beauty of this house maintained.

So, I was positively energized to take on the last two outlets on the first floor.  So, we started on the one in the living room that was in concrete like the one in the dining room.  After an hour or work, I realized the brick and mortar are twice as thick (some 22 inches) as the other one that I did.  By this time, my main drill bit was shot.  So, I wasn’t discouraged.  I reset and started on the last of the four.  I saved it because it would be the easiest.  With all confidents, I for the 3 foot flex wood bit and started drilling.  We drilled through a basement plaster wall, but that was no big deal.  We located the exact spit in the basement and started drilling up.  Then, we hit a steel I-beam.  Under the outlet is iron.  Undaunted, I drilled the beam and we were able to get the fish tape from the basement up through the wall to the hole for the outlet.  But, I need a bigger bit and a bigger hole to run the wire.  Once that’s accomplished, we’ll need to run the wire twenty feet vertically under the basement ceiling.  By then, it was nighttime.  O, each of the four outlets was a unique challenge unto itself.  Every single one was different.  Every single one was “impossible.”  Two are done completely.  Two are half-way done.  But, win, lose, or draw, there won’t be any ugly metal outlet boxes mounted on my baseboard.

By the way, there was an ugly metal box mounted on one of the baseboards when we bought the house.  It’s no longer there.  Note to self:  get some oak dowel wood to fill the three holes in the oak floors from:  cable wire 1, cable wire 2, and air conditioning 220 wire 3.  Get it in the holes before they sand the floors).

Jessie got a box in the mail.  It had a seashell and a new dress for Jessie.  The dress was from sister and sister’s room-mate.  Included was a box of my favorite cookies for Valentine’s Day for me.  I was impressed that she noticed that I liked that version of cookie and got them for me.  I would have liked a new dress, too, but cookies were a decent substitute.

We delivered some Valentine’s treats/gifts/music.  We went to Menards and got a larger metal bit, a new foot-long concrete bit, and another drill bit extension.  Come Monday, I re-attack outlets 3 and 4, the final two on the first floor.

We were lazy for supper.  I won’t say how lazy, because children’s services reads this blog.  Let’s just say that the meal might have had something to do with a phrase that rhymes with shack-food (It’s not black food, quack food, or attack food).

And, just for the record, using a hammer drill and skill saw in unreachable places for twelve hours meant that Miss Tylenol and I had a date two nights in a row (only one per night, mind you).

Bible.  Prayer.  Sister and Jessie asleep in the bunk beds.  I got the couch to end day 256.


Blessings:  I may be picky, but I’m grateful that I often see the fruit of perseverance (and I need to be humble and thank God for the results).  Having two chocolate cheesecakes in the back of the fridge and sister’s none the wiser.  Having reasons to work so hard: to have an “at home” job, to bring glory to God, and for Jessie.  Tylenol, but only twice in a blue moon.  Snack-food for supper, but only once in a blue moon.


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