Day 254 (February 11, 2016)

255 Smile in Kitchen

Well, I was trying to get the house to a point of floors done and furniture in by Valentine’s Day. No such luck.  Cat pee put a damper on the first floor floors.  Then, the floor guy called on Thursday and he’s sick and won’t be here until next Tuesday.

Jessie and I moved our clothes from the basement to the first floor hall closet.  So, I don’t have to sleep on the top bunk (the clothes were on the other bed).  We did school and ate a banana.  Jessie finished her handwriting book.  We started the next one.

For those unfamiliar with homeschooling, it’s often difficult for us to tell you a grade for our student(s).  For example, Jessie just finished the Kindergarten handwriting book.  The next day she started the first grade book.  Last summer we started with Kindergarten Saxon math and she’s now about twelve lessons away from finishing first grade math.  She’ll go right in to second grade.  So, in three weeks, she’ll be in first grade handwriting and second grade math.  That doesn’t make her a math wiz, it’s just how things go as you use different curriculae for different subjects.  Anyway, Jessie is for most intents and purposes a first grader.

Here’s an article on homeschooling:  It wasn’t the one for which I was looking.

After school, I started drilling through a foot of concrete to try to pull wire for one of the outlets in the dining room.

I started working on the hardwood floors all over again, since I have a reprieve until Tuesday.

At 3:00pm, we shifted gears.  We ended up on the north side of the city and later got some trim wood at Menards.

Jessie and I had ice cream.

Long day.  Time for bed.  A little Bible.  A little prayer.  I got to sleep across from Jessie.  Small problem.  Since Jessie was in the bed next to me she decided to come over to my side to play the tickle game.  She stepped on my glasses and scratched the lens.  Day 254 ended.

Blessings:  Getting to homeschool Jessie.  Knowing what homeschooling can do for a child because of the older siblings.  Knowing the socialization thing is a lie.  Seeing Jessie finish one book and start another.


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