Day 253 (February 10, 2016)

253 Paint Clothes

I was up at 5:30am.  I got my morning stuff done.  I’m still not getting the blogging done before Jessie gets up.  I need to work on that.

French Toast for breakfast for Jessie.  We read Proverbs 10.

School went swimmingly.  I made a new chart.  Those need remade about every 2-1/2 weeks.  It’s good to be back in the schoolroom now that the first floor floors are on hold.

Every little bit, I spray the hydrogen peroxide on the kitty urine stains.  It’s like kryptonite to kitty urine (or so I hope).

After school, we hit the road.

We went to the library.

We went to the bank.

We bought brother’s bus ticket.

We picked up other brother’s suit jacket that had been on internet order.

We picked up a family photo.

We went to Hobby Lobby and got a photo album.

In other words, we did it all.

After running, we returned to the house and addressed two Valentines’ boxes.  The bus ticket was put in an envelope. All three were mailed.

By the way, Jessie has a cold again.  This is like her third this winter.  Some suspect she’s getting these at Sunday School.  So, we’re back to Claritin in the morning, liquid ibuprofen as needed, Vick’s non-greasy, Diphenhydramine before bed, and Kleenex with lotion and cough drops all day.

After running, we commenced to do some wiring.  The wires have been roughed-in for a while, so it was time to get some light in new places.  We connected the wiring in the bedroom dressing room closet.  We ran three wires through the wall to the switch gang box (one hot, two switches).  We pulled the other two wires for the outside stuff into the 4-gang box. We rewired the antique hall light.  We installed the new pull-chain fixture in the front hall closet.  We hooked up the hot wire in the breaker panel box.  Then, we turned the switch and nothing happened.  It was then that I remembered that the hot wire from the basement hadn’t been connected in the box in the attic.  After we connected those two wires in that j-box, we had light in three new places:  closet, outside light, and hall light.

In the middle of wiring, we paused to bread and fry some Tilapia.  The adult version had Cajun seasoning.  Jessie’s version had plain bread crumbs.

There was some frivolity.  We called sister on the phone.  Jessie and I practiced dancing the waltz.

We read Anne.  We read Bible.  We prayed.  We prayed the same prayer we pray every single night (and often, two or three times during the day).  I went to sleep on the top bunk just inches from the ceiling.  Day 253 had been a full day, but it was over.

Blessings:  Light in more places.  It would be better if I were sharing the light of the Gospel in more places.  Finally having some fish after months of none.  Looking forward to seeing brother get off a bus and come home for a week’s visit.  Picturing the twin brother in a new suit for Easter.  Seeing sister in my mind’s eye gorging herself on Snickers.


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