Day 252 (February 9, 2016)

So we’re sleeping in the basement.  I measured last night.  The ceiling is 7 inches from my nose.

I was up and around early.  We were supposed to have floor guys and the electrician.  Plus, Jessie had school.

The electrician called and cancelled.

The flooring guys came, we conferred about the cat urine, they sanded the upstairs landing, and they left.  We decided that I’d keep trying to get out more cat urine stain and they’d be back Friday.  We’re going to try to get the stains out of the wood on the first floor.

So, that left school.  Because of the interruptions, we finished late.

We hit the road.

We went to the library.

We went to Walgreen’s (Pepto Bismol, Coke, Hydrogen Peroxide . . . one’s for the floors . . . guess which one).

We delivered the Coke and Pepto to Jessie’s middle name namesake.

We went to the home where the family stuff is being stored.  We spent six hours moving the heavy furniture around and getting it into a smaller space.  It was 9:00pm when we quit that.

We came back to the house and read Anne and ate ice cream.  We read Bible and prayed.  We sprayed hydrogen peroxide on the cat urine stains.  We called sister.  We went to sleep and ended day 252.

Blessings:  That there are no longer six cats living in this house which are urinating all over the place.  Getting a full day of school in, in spite of interruptions.  Having flexibility because we homeschool.  Having flooring guys who are flexible and who want our floors to look great.  Even though it’s claustrophobic, having a place to sleep.  Pretty snow on the ground.


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