Day 251 (February 8, 2016)

Monday was a momentous day.  The guys who would sand the hardwood floors were to come.  Jessie and I were up at 6:00am.  We worked for four solid hours and emptied the second and first floors of literally everything.  The closets are empty.  Two sets of bunk beds are remade in the basement.  All the bedding is moved.  Two dressers are down.  The clothes from the clothes closet are empty. The one room in the basement is crammed full of building supplies and the means with which Jessie and I live.  The ceiling is 10 inches from my nose when I go to sleep.  O.K., so I’m exaggerating.  It’s about 12 inches.

The flooring guys came.  Jessie and I did school in the basement.  The sound of two sanders upstairs was deafening.

Big setback.  The cat urine on the first floor will make those floors unrestorable.  Probably.  Good news.  The upstairs floors will be beautiful.  Life lesson learned:  Don’t be a pack-rat recluse who has six cats and lets them freely pee all over the house.

We chose stain.  We took out the trash for a relative.  We made supper and took it to a relative.  We did lots of stuff.

I need to cut this short and go do school with Jessie.

Bible.  Prayer.  Bed.  End 251.

Blessings:  Many


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