Day 249 (February 6, 2016)

249 Church

I got up and started organizing our world for the day.  There were four souls in the house and our Thursday friend was coming at 8:00am to help again.  We had cinnamon blossoms and French Toast and Mandarin oranges and bananas for breakfast.

After breakfast, we started painting the trim.

At 8:00am, my friend came.  We started on chair rail in the dining room.  The oak was too thin and too hard to cope the corners, so he had to 45 them.  In a rom that’s not so square with plastered walls, that took a bunch of patience.  He mismeasured by an inch once and had to remove the trim ans re-do it.  Later, he had me measure and I made the same dumb mistake.  Fortunately, he caught my mistake.

Sister was painting tim in one room.  Friend was painting in another.  Sister thought friend might be cutting corners and ent Jessie to “spy” on him.  Jessie went to the other room and announced she was a spy.  He explained that spies had to be anonymous.  She then announced, “I’m a spy and I’m anonymous.”

Jessie and sister left to go to the symphony Pops concert.  Sister said the place was 1/3 empty and the suburban kids who were there were all hellions who were running helter skelter about the place.  My love of classical music has come late in life for me (I started listening to NPR in my thirties).  But, it saddens me that classical music is in decline and it further saddens me that the leaders in the field are desperately trying to use pop music to get younger people interested.

Anyway, Jessie looked cute in her special dress.  Sister was busy, so I added the piggy tails.  The concert featured Swan Lake (Jessie’s current favorite, with the Nutcracker) and Aaron Copeland.

After finishing the crown mold, we moved upstairs to work on the dressing room.  The dressing room is off the master bedroom and has a built-in set of drawers and closet.  Said closet is the one whose back I removed to insulate and do wiring.  Unfortunately, the drawer slides are missing in places (the nails were only in ½ plywood and there was no flue) and the two sets of doors were both sagging, misaligned, and refusing to close.  My friend patiently sanded, shimmed, and unscrewed and screwed.  Under his hands (he is a master at such things), the built in closet came back to life.  Everything slides, swivels, and snaps shut like it did eighty years ago when the original craftsman install this one-of-a-kind piece of fine cabinetry.

After working his wonders, I bid my friend farewell with many thanks.

We spent the rest of the afternoon painting and repainting to fix all the missed and oops spots on the first floor.  I worked on a piece of baseboard in the entry.  Then, we all headed up to worked on the dressing room.

While we worked, Jesse entertained us by playing her violin.  Who needs a numway and Joshua Bell.  We’ve got Jessie and her 14inch violin (Rumor has it that she’s really a spy, bit I don’t believe it).

Supper was the leftover raspberry chipotle pork when I had saved for just this occasion.  We added some good bread, cottage cheese, corn, and salad.

We painted some more.

We delivered some food.

When we returned at 9:00pm, all were tired.  I heard sister’s friend say, “When I first saw this place, I thought it was a dump.  I now see the potential that your Dad saw in this place.  It’s going to be amazing.”  Without his help, and sister’s help, and a lot of other people’s help, it never would have been possible.  Most of all, without God’s help, none of it would have happened.

Having Jessie to play violin also helps more than words can say.

We read Bible.  We prayed.

Jessie joined me on the couch to read Anne while sister go ready for bed. Sister and I both had a cup of milk.

Day 249 had concluded.

Blessings:  Going to sleep dead tired after having had a goal to have most of the house painted by week’s end and, after a lot of long days, seeing that goal realized.  And, it’s wonderfully beautiful.  The blessings of so many people who have helped us to be where we are.  Having Jessie to play her violin while we work.  Having Jessie.


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