Day 246 (February 3, 2015)

246 Doors

I was up at 4:30am.  I removed the masking tape from the living room walls.  They look outstanding.  I can’t wait to see the room with the trim completed.  Let’s just say that I had a lot to get done before it was time to get Jessie up (Personal Bible reading, etc).

I woke Jessie up at 6:30am, a half hour early.  I wanted to get her school done early.  Jessie missed one on each side of her math sheet.  She was not a happy camper.  We’ve been doing lots of biology, just because.  We read all the library books.  She’s doing. Flashmaster with me and on her own, to try to push the envelope on subtraction.

So, before we get to the events of the day, a bit of explanation is in order.

First, for those who know me, you’ll know by my writing that I have a bit on my mind.

Second, I had second thoughts about the blog, several months ago.  I started writing it differently, to reflect other realities.  After a long, long period of introspection, I re-edited the blog and put it back to its original content.  That’s why it wasn’t posted for so long.  I was thinking it through.

Third, yes, some of the photos are from the same day.  Someday, when they look back on history, they’ll write, “Ted Cruz stole the Iowa caucus from Dr. Carson by the dirty trick of saying that Dr. Carson dropped out, Thomas Jefferson fathered illegitimate children by slaves, and Don posted pictures for a certain day that were actually taken the day before.”  The trajectory of all human history has no doubt been unalterably changed because of this deceitful revelation (about the pictures).

Fourth, Jessie had had some bone “lumps” for years.  The history of these lumps is too long to describe here, but I’ll catch you up on the current stuff. Two weeks ago we went to an orthopedic doctor (next to where sister was born) to have them looked at for the first time.  He said they were nothing. They are osteochondromas.  Good news.  Nothing to bother us.  But, Friday, the doctor called back.  Upon further review, he changed the diagnosis to Multiple Hereditary Exostoses (MHE).  He referred us to another hospital which isn’t in our insurance network (on two other occasions, hinted at in the blog, I’ve spent 2-1/2 hours each, trying to make the interface of doctor and insurance work out.  Before Obamacare, our insurance had none of these issues). Anyway, our appointment with the referral was Wednesday.  Basically, the doctor said not to worry about it, but that she needs seen every six months for the time being.  She’ll need to be seen once a year as an adult, basically for the rest of her life.  There are some potential problems, but those will be addressed as they come up.  There are a number of issues in the literature that the doctor didn’t discuss (for those of you who don’t know me, yes, I used access to my son’s college research capabilities and I read over a dozen articles from medical journals).  If you’d like to read up on MHE, the very best article is Cheryl O. DuBose, “Multiple Hereditary Exostoses,” Radiologic Technology (January/February 2016), 87(3), 305-325.

Fourth, Bottom line:  Jessie is an amazing five-year old who gets up every day, does school, plays, dances, reluctantly eats bananas, who plays the violin, and who says her prayers nearly every night.  MHE is just something along the way that will be in the shadow, but it really changes nothing.

Fifth, Bottom line:  God is still good.  We are still trusting God.  We still see His providence.  We still live in the wonder and thankfulness for Who He Is and all He does.  Jessie had a whole range of secondary needs (some gigantic), but the source of all she needs is unshaken.

I sanded the dining room, taped it, and readied it for paint.  Before going to the doctor, I “cut in” the top six inches of the ceiling.  After the doctor, we went or a long walk (which included Walgreens and the library), and we finished the first coat of paint.  While walking, Jessie asked for marshmallows over a fire.

After painting, we ate supper.

Then, we did some grocery shopping.

There was a bit of frivolity.

I called all the siblings to whom we hadn’t spoken earlier.  I gave updates on the doctor visit.

I used the gas in the fireplace to make four roasted marshmallows; one for me, and three for hers truly.

I unplugged the phone.  We read Bible.  We prayed.  Jessie prayed.  We listened to Taps.  We read Anne.  We concluded day 246

Blessings:  A blog editor who killed herself to get us caught up.  A God who is greater than any disease.  A God, Who in His foreknowledge, gave us Jessie. Doctors.  Doctors who look at an x-ray a second time and change their diagnosis.  School.  Playtime.  Dancing.  Bananas.  Playing the violin.


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