Day 243 (January 31, 2015)

243 Waiting

For some intents and purposes, I slept in. Although I don’t like to work on Sundays, I cleaned the house before church. Since it was a fifth Sunday, we skipped our regular church.  They don’t have an early service but rather combine early and late.  We went to the worship service down the street at 8:30am.  The sermon was on the man that Jesus healed who was unable to get into the pool at Bethesda.

After church, we picked up/borrowed an electric skillet.  We had fun plans for it.

I made taco meat, the dough for Café du Monde beignets, and a pork loin with bread crumbs, onions and mushrooms.  It was sliced lengthwise, stuffed with the stuffing, and tied.  Then it was marinated overnight in raspberry chipotle marinade.  We’ll make it for Monday supper.  The marinade is compliments of the Amish store (as was the beignet mix).

Since we had a box of crunchy tacos opened, I made tacos for lunch.  We had tacos, chips, onions (none for me), salsa, cottage cheese, taco sauce, cheese, etc.

After lunch, we went shopping.  We returned some paint and mud to Home Depot.  We bought paint at Home Depot.  We returned paint to Ollie’s.  We bought sheets at Macy’s.  We returned stuff to and bought stuff from Menards. We returned a Christmas shirt to Penney’s and bought a pair of suit pants (these pants may figure in future blogs).

About 4:00pm, we returned home and watched a movie.  TV Guardian converted the pg-13 flick to a G movie.  While we watched the movie, we ate beignets.  Surprisingly, the homemade version tasted exactly like the real thing in New Orleans.  They were just pretty great.  Jessie had six.

After the movie, there was some frivolity.  Jessie and I practiced the waltz step.

Since it was a beautiful night, Jessie and I went for a walk.  We talked about stories from the Old Testament.  It was nice so we walked longer than usual. One of the neighbors who sits on her porch was out.  We called to her and she called back.

Once back at the house, we returned a call to brother.  It looks like he may have a summer job.

We read Bible and called it quits.  Oh yes, and we prayed.  Day 243 ended a great week-end.

Blessings:  Bible reading.  Finish a month of reading the Psalms and Proverbs. Café du Monde beignets.  Remembering our two trips to New Orleans.  Both were amazing.  A good sermon.  A wonderful evening walk with Jessie.


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