Day 241 (January 29, 2015)

241 Sewing2

I got up at 5:00am.  I read from Exodus.  I prayed.  I got Jessie up at 7:00am.  It was a bath day.  It was a French Toast day.

School was good.  We finished an hour early, even though we did double biology.

I made a phone call concerning next week.  I called Jessie’s grandmother.

We went to the library and got Jessie eight books on biology and another novel by Victor Hugo for me.  Les Mis is just an uplifting read.  I’ve read it twice.  We’ll see how the Hunchback does.

I got an e-mail from an old friend who referred to days long ago and how the time has sped by.  I mentioned my old chum from church who had just died.  I mentioned that two of four of us were gone.  I mentioned that I wondered a bit what happened to the fourth desperado.  Well, she did some fancy internet search work and found him.  He’s still living.  But, I think it would be unfair to list what the internet has to say.  All I can say is, as I often have, except for the grace of God and my grandmother’s prayers . . .

We went to a family member’s house, we went to CVS, we went to three grocery stores, we bought Reese’s Easter eggs.  Who knew you could get them in January?  The check-out lady at the grocery said her mom ate Reese’s and pickles when she was pregnant with her.  Together.  That’s not a craving. That’s desecration of a peanut butter cup and a pickle.  We went to visit the wife of an old professor.

Jessie said that drinking milk soothed the burned spot on the roof of her mouth. She said that’s why she needs to drink lots of it.

Supper was leftover pizza and Lipton ring-o-noodle soup.  Who knew you could still get that soup?  I found it at the Amish store.  I didn’t check the expiration date.  Maybe it was from my childhood.

I started painting late in the day.  The focus was the stairway.  By 9:30pm, it was almost done.  The window at the landing had one coat.  Jessie had gone to bed, first on the couch, then in her bed.

A friend arrived about 9:30pm.  Jessie’s sister came about 10:30.

In the midst of comings and goings, Bible and prayer, paint and clean-up, day 241 had ceased to be.

Blessings:  Ring-o-noodle soup.  Not eating pickles and Reese’s. Reconnecting with my childhood and seeing my wretchedness and a lifetime of God’s mercy.


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