Day 236 (January 24, 2015)

236 Pencil

Before church, I put some finishing touches in the bedroom.  I added the brass screws and cap washers to the window stops and added switch plates.  That room looks dynamic.

Breakfast was French Toast and oranges.

The morning message was an introduction to the book of Philippians.  As ever, I found the Lord’s Supper to be a time of refreshment and renewal.

For lunch, I made the Japanese chicken nuggets and fried mushrooms.  It had been years since I had fried mushrooms.  For dessert, we had gelato and some had Jif cappuccino on the side.

After lunch, two went shopping for boots.  They snagged a pair of leather boots for twenty bucks (normally 180+).  The other pair bought a pane of glass, a piece of trim, and some more switch plates.

Then, it was time for the AFC finals.  Since the family is a big fan of Peyton Manning, we were hoping against hope that the Sheriff would beat Tom Brady in their possible last meeting.  While we watched the game, Jessie sewed a stuffed elephant that she got for Christmas.  At the end of the game, Peyton won, and Tom lost.  Both outcomes were as sweet as the other.

So, we watched a bit of Carolina and Kansas City.  The game was lop-sided so we quit.

By then, the visitors were gone.  So, we engaged in some frivolity.  We played a bit of Apples to Apples.  We played some Trouble.

Bible.  Prayer.  End of day 236.  Day 236 was the first night that it was just Jessie and me, after the Christmas break and weekend visitors, so we read three chapters from Anne of Green Gables.

Blessings:  The Lord’s Supper.  Pro football, when the team that I want to win wins.  Boots that are 90% off.  A really yummy lunch.  Snacks while watching football (nacho chips, jalapeno chip sauce, homemade salsa, gelato, Hershey kisses).  Sunday as a day of rest.


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