Day 235 (January 23, 2015)

235 Paint Tape3

We were all up at 7:00am.  I made fried eggs for breakfast.  Saturday is a non-school day.  Hooray said Jessie.

We started painting, caulking, taping, scraping, sanding, and more taping and painting.  Then, for an encore, we did it all over again.  Lunch was left-over chili.  Then, we did more taping, sanding, scraping, and painting.  That’s pretty much what we did all day.  It takes about an hour and a half to paint a door and its frame with two coats.

We removed the tape from the painted walls of the master bedroom.  Jessie played with the tape.  She made balls, wreaths to decorate the house, and fancy ball dresses for herself.  When the tape was all removed, the newly painted walls looked amazing.

For supper, I made fried potatoes and smoked sausage.  The work crew raised it to the heavens and Jessie had three helpings without needing to be coaxed. After supper, we went out for more gelato, milk, and butter.  It was a dairy tour du force.

After the evening snack, we played duck, duck, goose.

Day 235 was over.  We had worked.  We had eaten.  We had prayed.  We had shared in the reading of God’s Word.

Blessings:  Having one bedroom and the dressing room painted.  Dairy products.  Dairy farmers.  After months of “behind the scenes” work (wiring, windows, drywall, etc.), getting to see some cosmetic changes.  Having Jessie to entertain us while we work.  Days with no school.  Days with school.


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