Day 234 (January 22, 2015)

234 Paint Tape2

Since sister was here a day early, we put her to work.  I tore down Jessie’s broken Mac mini while sister cleaned and Jessie did school.  By mid-morning, the computer had a new hard drive (from our old iBook handed down from my sister) and had freshly installed OS 9 and OS 10. The phonics software that Jessie uses runs on OS 9, so that’s why we keep that antique computer going.  The iBook hard drive had all manner of family stuff from 2011.  I moved it from the iBook to a thumb drive to the MacBook Pro I’m currently using.  It’ll take weeks for me to comb through the old family stuff (college applications, pics, CAP stuff, scholarship applications) and to send all that nostalgic stuff to siblings.

The Mac mini is back in business.  Jessie’s phonics is back in operation.  She only missed a week of it.

After doing the first things in school, I turned school over to oldest sister.  Three times I heard tears as Jessie finally learned half past and quarter past and quarter til on the clock.

Meanwhile, another coat of paint was applied to the hallways.  There was a bit of ceiling touch-up.

Somewhere in the midst of the day, Jessie’s doctor called to go over her test results.

Somewhere in the midst of the day, I called the hardwood flooring folk and the drywall folk.

Somewhere in the midst of the day, the work came to an end because of a lack of tape.

So, the three travelled to Menards.  We stocked up on tape, roller covers, and other stuff.  We dropped off some heart-shaped Reese’s peanut butter candies.

After some more taping, the weary three called it a day.

We called son-in-law to see how the funeral in Atlanta went and apologized again for not being there.

Late in the evening, another traveler joined the crew.

They read Bible.  They prayed.  Day 234 was over.

Blessings:  Thorough doctors.  Getting to have sister for an extra day.  Jessie’s Mac Mini working again.  This MacBook Pro that I use.  The first room painted and finished.  Having the house back in to post-Christmas order with beds in place and fresh linens on the beds.  Tape that doesn’t stick like old masking tape.


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