Day 233 (January 21, 2015)

233 Paint Tape

Thursday I got Jessie up at 7:00am.  I played Chariots of Fire.  We’re getting back to the routine of the two of us alone.

As mentioned, we were supposed to leave late Thursday or early Friday to go to a funeral in Atlanta.  Oldest sister has Friday off work.  She is driving down late Friday to join us to drive south.

Jessie has school.  We ended early at 10:00am.  Sister and friend took turns reading books to Jessie (the twenty history and biology books we picked up). The other person helped me:  1. Strip beds, load the washing machine, tear down and move beds, and rebuild the whole mess.  As stated, we had as many as twelve people here.  We’ll soon be back to two, with visitors on the week-ends.  We loaded the two full-sized beds and returned them to storage.

We invited Jessie’s grandpa for lunch.  We finished all the leftovers from the previous night’s supper.

We took sister and friend to the airport.  Their flight back to college was to leave at 4:00pm.

On the way back from the airport, we stopped at an Amish store that sells dated foods.  We like to shop there for things for which we wouldn’t pay full price.  We bought: capachino Jif, eight bags of nacho chips, ramen noodles, five exotic salad dressings, four kinds of marinade, two jars of chicken marsala cooking sauce, children’s Claritin, Mucinex, twelve boxes of nut and seed bars, a box of granola, four boxes of blueberry muffins, six boxes of chocolate chip muffins (I wish I’d had the muffins when the house was full), sriracha sauce (for Valentines’ packages for the college kids), three containers of unwrapped sugar-free gum, Japanese chicken nugget seasoning, beniet mix from Café du Monde, and other things I’ve forgotten.  The stuff was a bargain.

In the late afternoon, we finished arranging and making the beds.

That night, there was a bit of frivolity.

Late, sister got here after a 4-hour drive.  Since the middle states, through which we would be driving, were supposed to get massively hit with a snowstorm, we cancelled our trip.  We sent flowers and apologized to sister and sister’s husband that we couldn’t make it.

We ended the day early.  We ended the day with Bible and prayer.  We ended day 233.

Blessings:  Cheap stuff and new culinary experiments thanks to the Amish store.  A safe flight for Jessie’s sister and friend.  Having children come to visit (true story . . . the water bill was in the hundreds (plural) and three times the normal bill . . . hundreds, I say).  Having the house back (hundreds).  Looking forward to the next time the children or some of the children come home.


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