Day 232 (January 20, 2015)

232 Dinosaurs

I got up early.  We were supposed to get hit with an ice/snow storm.  I was scheduled to preach the funeral sermon.  I worked on my sermon.  Unfortunately, my funeral book is still packed away.  I use it for closing prayer and words of committal and it conveniently has all the appropriate scriptures.  But, I printed the scriptures and promptly left them on the printer.  Fortunately, I remembered the sermon and obituary.

Four of us headed for the funeral.  We allotted an hour and fifteen minutes to travel 45 minutes.  The ice and snow slowed everyone down on the roads.

We got within fifteen minutes from our destination and we observed two things. One, a car was stopped in the right lane of a two-lane highway.  Two, a black Labrador retriever was running up and down the middle of the highway.  As I passed the stopped car and avoided the dog, I recognized the driver as a former church member and close family friend.  In my rear-view mirror, I saw her get out of the car and fall on the ice.  We turned around on the highway and went back.  Another gentleman stopped, too.  I asked Jeannie what was wrong.  She said a dog was under her car.  I said I saw the dog running around.  She said there was a second dog pinned under her car.  Sure enough, there was.  I got out of my overcoat and suit jacket and borrowed Jeannie’s gloves.  We got the jack from the trunk and jacked up the car.  The poor dog was scared to pieces and had defecated all over himself.  The other man grabbed the pinned dog by the collar, expecting to get bit.  I grabbed a front paw.  We slid the dog from under the car.  It ran to the side of the road.  We expected it had some broken bones, but it got up and ran away.  I had to avoid hitting the dog a second time as it ran down the highway looking for the other dog.

We got to the funeral a little later than usual, but not late for the service.  I borrowed a Bible and said hello to old friends.

The service went well.  The woman was a Christian.  Her life really did the preaching.  Of course, I talked about Jesus and the cross.

We skipped the funeral dinner.  I usually do.

We got about 20 books from the library for Jessie.  They were biology and history reading books.

Jessie’s sister took stuff back to the store.  The guys worked on the house.

We cooked a big, Italian supper, since it was the college folk’s last night.  There were two dishes and pasta and good bread.

During the funeral that I preached, we learned that out son-in-law’s grandmother died.  We made tentative plans to go to the funeral in Atlanta.

After the big supper, we went to Graeter’s to get ice cream.  Jessie had gift certificates from Christmas.  Instead of getting cones at $3.25 a dip, we got four pints of holiday gelato that was on sale (chocolate mint and hazelnut truffle). We went back to the house and ate.

I was telling Jessie that her family loves her, that I love her, and that God loves her and He will never forsake her.  Jessie said, “I love my lower lip.”

There was some frivolity.

Day 232 was over.  We had prayed.  We had read the Bible.

Blessings:  Good food.  Gelato, on sale.  Funerals for Christians whose lives preach the sermon.  Dogs that get run over on the highway and that are rescued without broken bones (or hands being bit).  Lower lips.


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