Day 228 (January 16, 2015)

I was up at 6:00am and ran.  I made potato soup for lunch.  I made a double batch of brownies with chocolate chips.  At 6:30, I had help with breakfast.  We had a repeat of hash browns, eggs, and toast.  Most of the crew was ready to work early.

We cut/removed the tape from the two painted bedrooms.  We caulked the baseboards and window frames.  We cut the expanding foam residue that we squirted yesterday.  We swept.  We cleaned the dining room and living room and swept.  When I say “we,” I should mention that others did all those jobs.

We stopped at 10:00am to have warm brownies and milk.  We drank three gallons of milk in one day.

We painted the dressing room.  We put concrete around the outdoor pole light and leveled the rest of the dirt.  We pulled a nasty stump.  We sanded the hallway and put in a little bit of drywall mud.  We caulked and taped the hallway.  Again, when I say “we,” I mean that I did very little of the above. There was a crew of seven (Jessie, grandpa, two sisters, two friends, me).  At 2:00pm, we were finishing all the above, so I set up painting for the late afternoon.  The paint color for the hallway and the radiator covers are the same.  So, we had five rollers, three paint pans, two brushes, and two paint cups.  The six of us set to work on painting about 3:00pm.  We sent for six pizzas.  We finished the upper hallway, stairway, front hall, entryway, and seven radiators in two hours.  We’ll need to go over the walls in the daylight, but that still was a bunch of work done in a short time.

We ate four pizzas.  Since we were short on milk, we made Kool-Aid (berry and strawberry lemonade).

After supper, sisters delivered brownies.  The three gentlemen played Apples to Apples with Jessie (the score was 19 to 19 to 19 to 9).

I called a 92-year-old man from my first congregation.  I started preaching there in 1981.  Ted was retired when I met him over 30 years ago.  His health is good and he is as lively as ever.

Three played Pit until the girls returned.

Jessie got a bath and her hair was done up in sponge curlers.

We prayed.  We read Bible.  We said good-bye to day 228.

Blessings:  Getting an amazing amount of work done.  Good food.  Warm brownies.  Gooey warm brownies with milk.  Talking to an old Christian friend from when I was just a young preacher.  An old house that finally has a fair amount of paint on the wall.  An old house that is finally starting to be a warmer old house.


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