Day 226 (January 14, 2015)

226 Shadow

Morning run.  In a week, the house will be back to just Jessie and I.  So, no running.

Thursday was a school day for Jessie.  She is really back into the routine.  For geography, we used graph paper, measured everything, cut construction paper, and made a scale map of her bedroom.  School ran a little late.

We called and made a doctor appointment for Jessie.  Due to some insurance considerations, it took 2-1/2 hours to find a provider in our network.  Don’t get me started on the politics of universal healthcare.

Jessie’s grandpa stopped by.

We went out for some frivolity.  We watched a movie (Shall We Dance?).  Using TV Guardian, we made a PG-13 movie into a G-rated movie.  Jessie watched most of it with us.

The day was gone.  We read Bible and prayed.  We read Anne.  Au revoir day 226.

Blessings:  Frivolity and a movie.  Running.  God’s Word.  God’s Promises. God’s Faithfulness.


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