Day 225 (January 13, 2015)

225 Closeup.JPG

Jogging in the early hours.  After jogging, I set to painting before Jessie got up.

I got Jessie up for her bath.  She wore sweats but was still Jessie cute.

School was good.  Jessie’s back to 100% on FlashMaster.  I used Disk Utility to look at the Mac Mini.  It looks like that hard drive is toast.  I looked at the price of a used one on ebay.  But, in spite of the computer setback, it was a good day of school.

Jessie and I went to the bedroom to paint.  She read books and told me stories while I worked.  In the mid-afternoon, I finished the master bedroom (walls, not baseboards, casing, and doors).  I put tools away and started to prep the dressing room off the master bedroom.  It is to be painted the same color (Wedgewood blue).  While prepping the walls, I discovered that they had stuffed a strip of wood into the crack between the oak floor and the bottom of the baseboard.  I used a screwdriver and hammer to “chisel” all that mess out.  It took over an hour to clean out about five feet of gap. I swept it up and cleaned the room.  I need to buy some more expanding foam to fill that gap and some others under the radiators.

We went to pick up a video at the library and got sushi for sister and friend.

We watched some more Pride and Prejudice.

We read Bible.  We prayed.  We went to bed (eventually).  Day 225 was over (eventually).

Sister and friend binge watched and finished the six hour Pride and Prejudice about 1:00am.

Blessings:  Two bedrooms painted (well, all except the trim) . . . we’re on our way and it’s encouraging to see the bright “new” walls.  Getting back to snuff on a school day.  Our hope in God.  His promises will never be thwarted.  James 1:2-3.  Sympathetic listeners.


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