Day 223 (January 11, 2015)

223 monday.JPG

I got to jog in the am.  It was crispy cold and a bit slippery.  Since it was about 11 degrees, I ran a shortened route. My gloves are still packed away somewhere, so I wore socks on my hands.

I made potato soup for lunch and a western omelet for breakfast.

It’s strange that just as we finished insulating the house, we finally got snow.  For those of you who have been cursing the warm winter weather, it’s my fault.  The snow couldn’t come until I was finished insulating.  In point of fact, I thank God that we had mild weather until I got this place 85% insulated (The garage ceiling needs insulation, but we’ll need to tear down the plaster ceiling and the basement rim joists need sealed, but we can’t do that until the wiring is done.  I also want to re-insulate/over-insulate the ceiling above the solarium).

I woke Jessie with Chariots of Fire.  It’s her first day back at school after winter break.  It’s true she did some field trips over Christmas, but those we didn’t log that time. When Jessie heard the sound of the music, she promptly hid under her covers and shed crocodile tears.

Breakfast was pancakes.

We started the day with Bible and prayer and Biology.  That’s only fitting, since God is the Creator.  So, we started the day with God part 1, God part 2, and God part 3.  Jessie’s Flashmaster seemed the most rusty.  It could have been that she was distracted by having to do math in the presence of a visitor.  Other than that school went off without a hitch.  She missed one in spelling and had to write it ten times.  She eventually got a couple 100%’s on the Flashmaster.  Biology went well.  We reviewed map reading from the map of the New York subway.  She knew her directions perfectly.  So, the next time she’s alone in the Big Apple, she can earn tips by giving directions.

I called the Auditor about property taxes.  The closing guys filed all the correct papers.  I updated the list of addresses for the kids.  I put the new toner drum in the printer.  The printer has been patiently complaining for weeks.  I did three dozen other tasks that were waiting in a disheveled pile on my desk.

After school, Jessie worked on a Doug and Melissa sticker book to study the African plains habitat.  She got the sticker book for Christmas.

I worked on prepping the master bedroom for painting.  I put in two and half hours.  It’ll take some more time tomorrow.

We went to get leftover pizza from the party of the night before.

The violin teacher contacted us and said she’d just come to the house.  So, we had pizza, potato soup, and oreos for supper.

During violin lesson, I continued to prep the bedroom.

After violin lesson, there was some fun and frivolity.

We read Bible.  We prayed.  We read Anne of Green Gables (except she’s living in house number 38 by now).  Jessie gave me a hug and she went up to bed.  I moved her and sister into the other bedroom so I could work on the master bedroom in the early morning.  I talked to brother and sister on the phone.  Brother got good news from the college concerning his transfer and placement in classes.  Day 223 was long and full and was now over.

Blessings:  Getting back into the old routine.  It’s like an old, broken in shoe that fits well.  Getting my desk cleaned off after its Christmas break mess.  Yes, Virginia, mailing those scholarship checks that are in the pile is an important thing to do.  Getting back to a more disciplined routine of family/Jessie morning Bible reading.  Someone handing me a semi-eaten pack of oreaos when you have no desert for supper and you don’t know at the time that you’re having company for supper.  Brother getting to skip jumping through a few hoops in his college transfer.  The bubbly effervescence that is Jessie.


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