Day 221 (January 9, 2015)

I was up at 5:45.  Sleep was mediocre.  I ran.  When I got back, my brother was on the couch waiting to work.

Brother painted the walls of the spare bedroom.  At first, I thought the color too dark.  After it was finished I decided it was just right.  In the meantime, I insulated and Jessie helped.  She learned to use a chalk line and thought that was pretty fun.  She read books while I worked with the itchy fiberglass.  We put a hole in the front hall closet and put in octo box for a pull chain light.  We pulled the hot wire.  We put in a new set of wires in metal sheathing to replace the front light wiring.  We put in the wire for the hall light.  We used expanding foam on the inside side of the octo boxes.  All in all, that space behind the wardrobe is locked up and well insulated.

Brother was done with painting, so he helped me with insulation.  We put four draw-down latches on the box we made for over the pull-down ladder.  The configuration works like a dream and the ladder is sealed up tighter than a closed door on a refrigerator.

Supper was chicken alfredo.  The fridge (the real fridge, not the pull-down-attic-stair-pseudo-fridge) is low in food, so we’re getting creative at meals (hot dogs for lunch).

I cut the fat away from two beef roast/steaks.

Sister and guest cleaned up after supper.  I got sponge curlers for Jessie at Walgreen’s.

While we were on the road to Arkansas, Jessie “curled” her own hair with dozens of barrettes.  She said her hair was curly.  It wasn’t.  It was closer to being a rat’s nest.  So, since she wanted curls, I took a page out of the sibling’s past.  When the other girls were Jessie’s age, I gave them a bath every Saturday night and put their wet hair in sponge curlers.  They hated it and they still tell stories about the abuse.

So, it’s Jessie’s turn.  Her hair was a bit knotty from the barrette hairstyle of the night before.  But, after we got it combed out, she didn’t mind the curlers.

We were all tired from colds and travel on the road, so we went to bed early.

We read Bible.  We prayed.  We read Anne.  We ended day 221.

After I went to bed on the living room couch, oldest sister came in.  I was so zonked, I all but ignored her arrival.

Blessings:  Well-insulated spaces, especially now that the temperatures have dropped.  Jessie’s budding career as a carpenter, after extensive experience with a chalk line.  The Carpenter Who came to save us.  The return of the Saturday night bath and curler routine.  Good memories.

P.S.  I didn’t mention that I went to Menards.  There’s a joke that goes like this . . . How do you know when a lawyer is lying?  Answer:  His lips are moving.  Parallel humor . . . How do you know if Don went to Menards.  Answer: Any variation of . . He worked on the house that day, or, The doors at Menards were open, or He was breathing.  Speaking of the kids and bad memories, ask them about all the trips to building supply stores when we building the last house.  Did I ever tell you about our child that used the display toilet?  Remind me some time to elaborate.  On second thought, maybe not.


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