Day 217 (January 5, 2015)

217 Jessie Smile.JPG

I got to go running in the early morning hours.  It was glorious.

The electrician came.  He started by finding the problem with the hallway/attic wiring problem.  It turned out to be a loose wire nut in a j-box.  Then, we moved on to start tacking the wiring in the front hallway.  In a previous post, we thought it would be all roses and lollipops because we discovered access to the wires behind the dressing room built-in closet.  Well, the roses quickly wilted and the lollipops were coated in leaves (reaching for a Linus metaphor). We had to put three holes in the garage ceiling.  The wires to the outdoor outlet and coach light didn’t pull out.  The four switches in the hallway are in a two-gang box.  After the electrician left, we continued searching.  The front house light wiring, it turns out, was buried in the front fall closet plaster.  After yanking the cable out of the wall, it left a big scar in the plaster (Don’t tell the drywall team).  We dug up the buried wiring and it’s a mess.  There are underground splices (a no-no) and non-underground wire (a no-no).  But, we did find out why we couldn’t pull the circuit, so that mystery is solved.  So, it felt like we moved the ball forward, but didn’t end the day of wiring with much to show for it.

There was a lot of pre-planning for upcoming Wednesday events.

There was a run to CVS to get stuff.  The kind lady at the register was a delight.

The day ended with Bible and prayer.  Day 217 was over.

Blessings:  One step forward, one step backward, and one step forward with wiring; The end of first floor wiring in sight; Kind folk at CVS; Another day with God and Jessie.


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