Day 216 (January 4, 2015)

216 Jessie Pink Pants

I read extra Bible in the early morn.  I love the book of Genesis.  This year, I am again amazed at God’s condemnation of Adam and Eve and the results of their sin.  Look at God’s judgment on Eve. Then look at Adam’s condemnation.  That’s some strong language.

Day 4 or morning jog.  It’s great having extra bodies in the house and having a mild winter.

I went to Menards by myself and got lumber for insulating the pull-down attic ladder.

For the first time in three weeks, I woke Jessie with the sounds of Chariots of Fire.  The transition back to real life, post-Christmas is easing into the daily routine.  Soon it will be just the two of us again for most of the day.  Jessie will slide back into a more prominent role in the blog as we slide back into her school schedule.

Sister had her first day of class today.  Other sister was back at her first day of work.  Other sister was back at her first day of work.  Son was at his first day of Christmas break work.

Jessie had pancakes for breakfast.

Brother and I made a frame and filled the cavity around the pull-down ladder with expanding foam.

I took Jessie’s sister and friend to the downtown library to take a proctored test.  I went to the Bible College to get reading books for them.  I got Jessie eight reading books.

We saw Billy and James on the way home.  We took them Gold Star chili for lunch.  It’s the first time I saw their apartment.  Billy said he just got a microwave.

Brother finished last corner of insulating.  I filled the dormer with old insulation and brought down the remaining bags of old insulation.  We swept.  We brought tools down.  We built a second box and filled it with rigid insulation which will be a removable cap for the stairwell.

Jessie helped sister’s friend memorize scripture for his inter-term class.

Jessie has a cold she inherited from sister who caught it from sister.

The attic is 98% insulated.  I just need to do a few touches on the solarium access and the space behind the wardrobe.  The house does indeed feel warmer.  The old “cold spots” are gone and the warm/cold zone between the upstairs and down are gone.  The only cold left is from the solarium windows.  When we get the house wiring done, we’ll seal up the rim joists and the insulation will be completed.

Jessie practiced violin and read some of the eight books.

We rented a car to return brother.

Violin lesson.  Why is it that the violin teacher is one of the few that knows that once you get a virus that you’re good for life.  She commented that Jessie won’t get that cold ever again, rather than freaking out.  Skyline Chili.  A little faucet cleaning for a friend.  Jessie read Psalm 1.

We made some family plans.  We read Bible.  We prayed.  I called sister one (answering machine).  I called sister two.  She had a less-than-ideal day at school.  I called brother.  Circuits overloaded.  I called brother in this house’s basement, knowing he was binging on cell phone.  Answering machine.  A fail on three out of four.  Jessie was impatient, so she skipped Anne of Green Gables.

Day 216 is over.

Blessings:  Getting back to life.  Plans for later in the week.  Feeding the homeless and helping a friend.  Being almost done with attic insulation.  The creativity that God has given us.  The fact that the expanding foam insulation will eventually wear off your fingers when you were too stupid/lazy to go the basement the 100th time to get rubber gloves.  A comment that someone was missing this blog being posted.


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