Day 213 (January 1, 2015)

213 Jessie PolkaDot PJ

After everyone got up, I made three batches of pancakes and sausage.  Jessie’s sister and I went to Menards for three hours.  We got the stuff to get everything done on the insulating projects, and some other stuff, too.  It’s nice having siblings so Jessie doesn’t need to go on every supply run.

We talked to a guy named Bryan at Menards about his personal life and about God.

Brother and sister pretty much finished up the attic insulation.  Sister and I got the hole in Jessie’s closet framed in.

Supper was late.  Jessie’s brother had made/marinaded some Korean beef bulgogi.  We got out the charcoal grill and cooked it.  The meat was tasty, but it didn’t taste as good on the grill.  After supper, we delivered two servings of the bulgogi.  Jessie declared the bulgogi to be her second-favorite meat.  We still don’t know what her first favorite is.

Again, we were tired as we ended day 213.

Blessings:  Ethnic foods.  The end of insulating in sight.  Days that Jessie doesn’t have to go along just because it’s just the two of us.


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