Day 211 (December 30, 2015)

211 Jessie Floor

December 30 is very important in my life.  Very important.  We got the family up and encouraged them to get moving.  I made brownies and biscuits and gravy.  We left and got my new glasses.  We got a regular coffee and two mocha frappuccinos at Mc Donald’s.  Jessie had milk.  We went to Kohl’s and got a dress shirt, a sweatshirt, and a Minion shirt.  We stopped at a local high school to take a group photo. We went to JoAnn Fabric’s and got Jessie a treasure chest.  We got chicken fries from Burger King.  We snacked on venison trail bologna and baby-swiss cheese.  We picked up a Jane Austen movie from the library.  We swung back around and picked up six sushi rolls for lunch.  We headed to our old stomping grounds.  We took a photo at an old church building and a house where we once lived.  We stopped to see four old friends.  We turned back toward the city and went to a dance lesson.  We learned more rumba and added some salsa.  Supper was Little Caesar’s.  At the house, we practiced dancing and lit a fire in the fireplace.  We read Bible.  Jessie went to bed and we put in the Jane Austen movie.  Day 211 was a nice day of celebration.

Blessings:  My new glasses.  My kids hate them as much as my old ones.  Visiting old places with the ones I love the most.  Jessie singing Christmas songs at the top of her voice.  Having a day away from insulating.


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