Day 209 (December 28, 2015)

209 Jessie Ladybug

One of the boys was ambitious and wanted to insulate.  So, I headed for Menards at 6:00am to pick up my special order of R-38.  Many hours later, four of us were itchy and we had half of the attic insulated.  We’re removing the old insulation under the floor boards, using a shop vac, and putting in the new stuff.  It’s pretty ugly work.

I used expanding foam to seal the space between the attic beam and the chimney.  Later, a bat crawled out of the space.  It was encased in expanding foam.  It was not a pretty sight.  We need to put wire mesh between the fan and the whole house attic fan to keep out some of our attic visitors.

We are blessed with extra family, so Jessie has playmates she normally doesn’t have.  She’s been playing with Christmas gifts (Perler beads, sewing projects, a nativity set).

After supper and showers, we watched Monday Night Football.  We were tired, so we stopped watching at half-time.  We missed the Broncos OT win.  Day 209 was over and we were tired.  We read Bible and prayed before retiring.

Blessings:  Getting a bunch of insulating done.  A nice, long shower after a hard day of insulating.  Good food.


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