Day 206 (December 25, 2015)

206 Jessie Book

I was up about 8:00am.  I awakened the rest and wished them a Merry Christmas.  We were all still a bit sleepy from the lateness to the previous eve.  When all were there, we opened presents. It’s the first year that older siblings bought presents for family members.  Jessie’s presents seemed to hit the target.  Other than Jessie’s gifts, there was a certain going through the motions that seemed to hang over the proceedings.  We played a pass to the right/left game with the boy’s shirts.  That gave a moment of mirth.  One of our guests was amazing with his gratefulness for his gifts.  I was blessed with a new coat from all of my children.  Jessie betook to reading a Christmas book she’d received.

We cooked some breakfast.

We has a Christmas fire in the fireplace.

Then, we dove into lunch preparations.  Nearly everyone joined in cooking and preparing at some point.  The usual tension wasn’t in the kitchen, and everyone seemed to have a relative degree of fun.  We succeeded in getting everything ready for our four friends who are homeless, but not, ready by noon.  When it came time to deliver, nearly everyone wanted to go.  The three guys who were there were genuinely appreciative.

Lunch back at the house was for eleven.  Jessie’s grandpa joined us.  We ate from two card tables.  The food was really, really good.  Conversation wasn’t too bad.  Jessie ate well.  She is now a fan of baked corn.  Everyone ate so much that no one had any dessert.  That’s never happened before.

All too soon, we were ten.  Then, it was time for clean-up.  I helped in the kitchen, but was called elsewhere.

After lunch, most retreated for naps.  Since Jessie isn’t a napper, she was still going full throttle.  Five of us went for an afternoon walk.  I wore my new coat.  The walk and weather were delightful.

In the evening, we had two tables of euchre.

I put Jessie to bed.  Older sister and I went driving to give her new learner’s permit its first experience with night and highway driving.  We stopped by a friend’s house.  We helped push a car out of gas off the road.

Upon returning home, there was a bit of chaos in the home.  There was a bit of talk.

Day 206 was over.

Blessings:  a really good Christmas dinner, here, and at a BP station not too far from here.  Having Jessie as a child who still has wonder when she opens presents.  Jessie’s favorite gift of a Christmas book from an aunt.


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