Day 205 (December 24, 2015)

205 Christmas Dress

Sister and hubby wanted to go to the Creation Museum.  Others went shopping at the GAP outlet.  I got permission to stay home.  Cooking wasn’t far enough along.  So the two groups left, and Jessie and I stayed at the house.

We made two Key Lime pies, a pumpkin pie, and 25 twice-baked potatoes.  Jessie was a big help scraping the potatoes.  She coached and read the recipe while I made the stuffing for the potatoes.

When the two groups got back from shopping and creationing, we said good-by to sister, hubby, and Simon the fixed cat.  Simon will long remember his eventful trip to grandpa’s house.

After they left, there was a fashion show.  Everyone donned their new clothes.

It seems like whenever we turn around, we’re eating something.

There was some napping that took place.

One group went to buy food for the Christmas dinner, to return a pair of jeans, and to consult with the homeless folk.  The homeless folk said they’d prefer to eat in the shadow of the BP sign.  We stopped by Angela’s and met her daughter.  Angela has moved.  The refrigerator is groaning with capacity fullness and anticipation.

The reason that Jessie is seldom mentioned is that she gets lost in the mass of people.  One minute she’s playing Trouble with this sibling.  Another moment, she’s on someone else’s lap.  It’s like a finding Waldo picture.  Jessie is overwhelmed with people and doings.

The other group baked two kinds of cookies and made ham and cheese sandwiches.

We left at 5:30 pm to go to grandmother’s house.  There we feasted on great pre-dinner snacks and ate sandwiches.  The evening had a memorable sadness.

We returned to the house and napped prior to 11:00pm Christmas eve Church service.  The candlelight service was nice.  Jessie was adorable in the dress we got her back in July and in her singing of the Christmas songs.

Again, there was a bit of melancholy that lingered.

On the way home, we heard “Breath of Heaven,” and for the first time this season, I heard the Royal Guardsman on the radio.  Kat used to sing the former and I got the 45 record when I was 10 years old of the latter.

We went to bed about 12:30am and day 205 was done

Blessings:  Christmas baking.  Candlelight Christmas Eve services.  Jessie singing with the purity and innocence that is Jessie.


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